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While you may feel that you are ready to jump back into your previous routine, you may have some work to do physically before you can get back to your previous level of fitness. When a person take time off from training – a.k.a. ‘detraining’ – they can expect their fitness level to decrease.

While you may be expecting this loss after a long absence, you may be surprised to learn that even a two week break can significantly affect the amount of oxygen supplied to your muscles when exercising at your hardest, a.k.a. your VO2 max. When compared to VO2 max, strength gains will decrease at a slower rate, particularly for athletes who may still retain close to half of their original strength a year later!¹

At Body & Soul, we urge clients to book a reassessment after taking an extended absence from training. Not only will a reassessment help your personal trainer modify your program based on your current level of health and fitness (taking into consideration where you may have lost some strength), but it will also help you identify and establish new and relevant goals.

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