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To ensure that you are following a good workout program, consider the following key components of fitness:

  • Cardiovascular (aka cardio) Training: During aerobic exercise your heart is forced to work harder to supply oxygen to your muscles. As your cardio improves, your heart will become better at pumping blood throughout your body, which means that over time it will require less and less effort to meet the demands of your workouts, and even when performing everyday tasks and chores.
  • Strength Training: Incorporating strength training exercises into your workout program is important because they help prevent the onset of many health-related issues including osteoporosis and stroke. Other benefits of strength training include – but are not limited to – stronger bones, improved circulation, and increased overall strength and muscular endurance.
  • Stretching: It’s important to include stretching into your workout as it can help improve posture, reduce stress, and improve mechanical efficiency and your overall functional performance.
  • Core Stability: As the core has a weight-bearing function for your lower back, when the core is weak, you are more likely to experience back pain. With a strong core, your back is better able to manage long days spent sitting at the desk and is better prepared for activities that require a well supported spine, such as heavy lifting, carrying groceries, or carrying a child.

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