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It’s not uncommon for people to form a strong bond with a single trainer, or a select few. Often this is the result of a combination of factors including: personality, training style and even availability. We recognize that the bond formed between a client and their trainer is a special one; however, we also believe that training with more than one trainer can have substantial benefits.

Working out with with multiple trainers keeps training fun, fresh and interesting. While many trainers have similar credentials, most tend to differ in personality, training style and often in specialty and focus. Changing things up now and then will allow for a more diverse training program.

Additionally, working with other trainers allows for flexibility in your training schedule. Most of Body & Soul’s trainers have fixed schedules and so if your schedule changes then they may no longer be able to train you (they are in school, working elsewhere or already have a client committed to that time slot). Also, in the event that your trainer is away, sick or injured, you won’t miss out on training in their absence as you have other trainers you enjoy working with. In the event that they are away, you could of course wait for them to return; however, depending on the time frame, you actually risk losing some of your health and fitness gains.

Ultimately, you may be content with just one trainer, but in the event that you want to try a new trainer please be assured that our trainers take the utmost care in preparing for new clients by reviewing your training history and speaking with your other trainer(s) about your needs, limitations, goals, etc.

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