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Body & Soul Personal Trainer, Heather Williams, said it best in our December Fitness File.

“Warm ups are used to prepare your body for exercise. Using low impact, repetitive motions throughout the entire body helps stimulate the production synovial fluid in the joints, which is the body’s natural lubrication and shock absorber. The older we get, the more necessary it is to stimulate our bodies through movement, as the natural production of synovial fluid slows dramatically. Not doing warm ups can make you more prone to injuries at the gym, especially if you plan to perform compound and highly technical movements. Faster movements during the warm up will also help get your heart rate up and get oxygen flowing to your muscles as they start to work.

Clients who train early in the morning, or those who work sedentary jobs, are especially in need of specific warm ups because their bodies have been mostly at rest for an extended period of time.”

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