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The benefits of working with a personal trainer typically outweigh the benefits of going at it alone. For some people, the perceived benefits of exercising on their own can actually present obstacles in achieving their health and fitness goals.

For instance, consider the following:

  • I can customize my own program. While the freedom of planning your own program can be satisfying, it can also result in complacency (doing the same thing over and over) which can lead to a plateau and prevent you from achieving your goals. Part of your trainer’s job is to plan a new workout for each of your sessions. Some exercises may not be ones you would do on your own – perhaps because you don’t particularly like them – but there is no doubt that they will help you achieve your specific goals and avoid hitting any plateaus.
  • I can workout when I want. While there are some great advantages to being able to exercise whenever you want, many people do succumb to distractions or delay their training when they are not committed to a set appointment with their trainer.
  • No one will see me fail. When left to plan and complete things on your own, only you are accountable for your successes and failures which may be comforting when you decide to give up and walk away. Many of our trainers consider themselves to be more than just your fitness trainer – they pride themselves on being your coach, your teacher and ultimately your friend. Your journey (successes and failures) is their journey too. A good trainer will adopt your goals as their own. You can try to quit but they won’t make it easy for you.

Certainly there are many people who find success training on their own but there are also many people who benefit enormously from training with a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer plan your program and stand by you through thick and thin might just be what you need to achieve your health and fitness goals!

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