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When it comes to health and fitness goals – weight loss, strength gains, more energy or general fitness – the question of whether nutrition or exercise is more important often comes up. Unfortunately, many self-proclaimed experts will argue for one or the other; however, in the end it really depends on your “bigger picture” goal. Is your goal simply to lose a certain number of pounds or is it to maintain a healthy weight and feel good about your body long-term?

If you have a weight loss goal then it is important to note that achieving that goal will strongly depend on your ability to maintain a good nutritional routine that includes a caloric deficit (burning more calories than you eat). However, establishing a strong workout routine will not only improve your metabolism, but it will also help you develop muscles and shape your body which will ultimately help you look and feel better! In our experience, clients with a healthy and strong nutritional routine and a good commitment to fitness tend to report a high level of satisfaction with their health, level of fitness and zest for life!

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