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If you’re hoping to tackle your health and fitness this year, making resolutions is a great start but next comes the hard part of making them stick!

To help you stick to your resolutions and commit to the changes needed, we wanted to highlight some things that might be counter-productive to your journey: 

  • Achieving optimal health and wellness comes down to being active AND eating healthy. In order to excel in your health and fitness goals, you need to commit your time and energy to both active living and healthy eating. The two go hand-in-hand; a poor quality diet will likely result in a less active lifestyle and will likely deter progress towards your goals.
  • Start slow. If you push too hard too soon with – let’s say – your fitness goals, you are at a greater risk of injury. Additionally, if you jump right into a diet without considering your lifestyle or nutritional needs you are not likely going to stick with it long enough to see results. In order to make big changes, we must first make small changes!
  • Listen to the experts. Some people make resolutions but don’t know how to begin, nor what they should or should not do in order to move forward, etc. In the case of fitness, people often think that weight loss means exclusively running on the treadmill, or they think they can skip the cool-down and stretch component of their workout. If you are new to training, it is important to consult an expert to ensure you begin a program that is both safe and effective.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Achieving any goal depends greatly on your ability to commit yourself and hold yourself accountable. One great way to ensure you stay on track is by keeping a fitness and nutrition journal.

The New Year is truly a great time to set goals for yourself. New year, new goals, new you!

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