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For many of us, it can be discouraging when, after a few months of exercise, we don’t see results or progress towards our goals. Don’t be discouraged; following are some tips to help you succeed and stay motivated.

Set realistic goals: establishing ambiguous or unrealistic goals is counterproductive as you are less likely to stick to a fitness routine long-term if you don’t see the desired results. If you want to achieve a specific goal, it is important to make sure it is measurable, specific and realistic.

Set short-term goals: establishing short-term goals will help keep you motivated as you will see progress sooner than with one in which your deadline was months or years down the road. For instance, if your main goal is to increase upper body strength, why not make your short-term goal to complete 1 proper push-up by a date you and your trainer deem appropriate? Once achieved you can establish a new goal of 5 proper push-ups, and then 10 and so on.

Recognize short-term improvements: maybe you’ve been working out twice a week for one month but you haven’t seen much of a difference physically and perhaps little to no weight lost and no noticeable ‘toning’ – what about a difference mentally or emotionally? Have you noticed a change in your stress levels, quality of sleep or level of energy? Identify how exercising makes you feel!

Set yourself up for success; introducing routines that feel chore-like aren’t routines you are likely to maintain. Remember, long-term health requires long-term commitment.

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