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Man using foam roller to massage body

Whether you’re new to training or you’ve been active for years, you might be interested in learning some neat – and some unconventional – ways to help boost your results and performance!

  • Toys: Any activity that gets you moving will, on some level, provide you with health benefits, but including ‘toys’ in the form of resistance bands and weights will help boost your results! For instance, one study looking at the effects of training with kettlebells suggests you may even be able to get better results while spending less time working out!
  • Foam Rolling: Myofascial release – commonly done by rolling parts of the body on a foam roller – is often used to help improve flexibility, relieve tension, and may help you recover faster after your workout.1
  • Sleep: Getting a good night’s sleep is key for athletic performance and studies suggest it may even reduce the risk of injury. How much quality sleep you need will depend on your age; typically, experts suggest adults get between 7-9 hours each night.2
  • Music: Many studies looking at the relationship between music and self-paced aerobic exercise have found that stimulating music often leads to longer durations of exercise as well as increased work output.3
  • Swearing: It may be unconventional, but in some studies researchers found that throwing out some colourful language helped boost performance and strength! That being said, we do ask that you kindly refrain from cussing loudly and repeatedly in the studio!

Good luck!

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