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A fitting description for the approach many of us take towards living our lives. For whatever reason, many of us feel rushed and we often act in ways that attempt to speed up various aspects of our lives, such as pushing ourselves too quickly after an injury, trying the latest diet trend to lose weight or speeding through a yellow light to beat the red. This need to rush can prove detrimental in several ways, some very serious. It is with that notion that we want to encourage you, when feeling rushed or stressed, to take a step back and breathe.

When it comes to your fitness program, taking your time is very important. If you rush your weight and strength training, stretching or any other exercise, not only do you risk injury but you fail to get the true benefits of that particular exercise. For instance, if you lift weights quickly, it is likely not your muscles doing the work, but the momentum of your body. You should feel the muscles in your arms working throughout the entire movement which means lifting slowly and letting your body go through the motions.

Few instances that elicit that need to ‘rush’ are truly worth rushing. Anytime you feel pressed for time, we recommend taking the time to focus on the moment and breathe. Life may be short, but rushing through it will only make it feel that much shorter.

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