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Close up of a man pulling off his tie and seemingly preparing for a mat workout

We cannot think of a better quote to sum up your fitness journey! Many people come into the studio wondering how soon they will see results. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as it really depends on your individual goals, your current level of fitness, your ability to meet the required intensity and your level of commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle (i.e. the amount you exercise each week, your current diet, etc.).

In order to better understand what to expect from your health and fitness journey, it is important to work with your trainer to develop goals that are realistic, measurable and – perhaps most importantly – compatible with your lifestyle.

In the end, you might see and feel changes after a few days, weeks or months; however, it might take longer to reach your goals. This is why we urge you to consider how exercise makes you feel. For instance, have you noticed a change in your stress levels, quality of sleep or level of energy?

Ultimately, your “results” WILL depend on when you start. Remember, you reap what you sow – start now!

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