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When it comes to starting something new, we have all told ourselves at some point that today isn’t a good day to start, tomorrow will be better. In most cases, we don’t hold ourselves to such a promise. Tomorrow comes but no changes are made. The next day comes but still no changes are made. Why is it that we insist today is is a bad time to start? Are we too busy or too tired? Is the weather dampening our spirit?

Perhaps the answer is simply that we complicate what the idea of “starting” means. Consider this, to lose weight your first step doesn’t need to be starting a diet. In fact, without fully understanding your eating habits and identifying your stress-eating triggers, you won’t likely have enough information to develop a diet you are able to commit to long-term. That is why it is important to start small – understand your goal by breaking it down into a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goal and see how you can slowly adopt changes without completely disrupting your everyday life. If you adopt a radical change and try to make it a routine then the unfamiliarity of it (and perhaps chore-like feel) will hinder your ability to truly commit to it.

What you do today will affect where you are tomorrow, a month from now and even a year from now. Start your journey today – www.bodysoul.ca.

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