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The bond you share with your trainer is indeed a special one because you put your trust in them and depend on their knowledge and experience to help you achieve positive changes in your life. For many people, this relationship is what motivates them to continue pursuing their health and fitness goals no matter what obstacles or hardships they might face on their journey.

When it comes to choosing a Personal Trainer, many people are unsure of what questions they should be asking or of what qualifications they should be looking for in a trainer. Should they focus on the trainer’s experience or is their education more important? Should they stick with one trainer or work with multiple trainers? In the end, it is important to identify what you want out of your training. Consider, for instance, do you want to be pushed hard? Are you willing to work hard? Your answers will depend on your individual goals, needs, expectations and availability.

At Body & Soul, our trainers complete personal profiles which summarize their experience, education, interests and, in some cases, include information on the different ‘type’ of clients they have strong experience working with such as seniors, athletes and clients recovering from injuries or health conditions. Are you interested in sitting down with one of our trainers to discuss your goals and needs? Call us at 604-224-BODY to learn more about Body & Soul Consultations.


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