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For many people, inspiration can be found in feel good stories that show ordinary people overcoming impossible odds. The response people have from such stories can be emotionally overwhelming. Take the story of the 29 year old deaf woman who hears her voice for the first time (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsOo3jzkhYA) — at that moment you feel like you have some level of understanding of her pain, her struggle and, in the end, her joy.

Most of us know someone, be it a loved one or friend, who has been faced with impossible odds. Often we are not be able to understand what it is they are going through which creates tension in the relationship. You find yourself wondering if you are doing enough–and likely you are doing more than they could hope for. It hurts to see them struggle and it saddens you when they show signs of giving up–but that feeling that comes from watching them persevere and eventually succeed is, for lack of a better word,  priceless. That moment is priceless.

At Body & Soul

Over the last 18 years, we have worked with clients struggling with a variety of challenges including body dysmorphia, drug addiction, various forms of cancer, serious physical limitations and more. Watching them face their challenges everyday and seeing them find the confidence to fight back is what makes us proud to be in the health and fitness industry.

Following are some photos and notes showing client achievements (taken within the last 5 years).



Client:   Timmi
Achieved: Overall positive changes in physical health, strength and toning as well as a dramatic shift in lifestyle
Claim to Fame: Body fat of an athlete!





Client:   Richard
Achieved: Weight Loss + Agility + Energy
Claim to Fame: Stronger at 72 than at 40!






Client:   G.I. Joanne!
Achieved: Power + Strength + Dicipline
Claim to Fame: Battled and won sideplank!







Client:   Hard ‘Core’ Mom (Christine)
Achieved: Increased core and overall body strength
Claim to Fame: From 4 to 40 pushups!






Client:   Avril
Achieved: The agility and strength needed to keep up with her grandson
Claim to Fame: 3 minute plank!





Client:   Andrew
Achieved: Cardiologist report says his physical condition has improved significantly since training at Body & Soul
Claim to Fame: Master of the TRX!



Check back for some inspirational studio stories as well as some inspiring news stories we share.

What inspires you?

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