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Personal Trainer watches client perform bosu ball push-ups

Talking yourself into exercise is important as many of the long-term benefits of physical activity are generally experienced afterwards – often several weeks or months down the road (e.g. improved cardio endurance, increased energy, weight loss etc.).

When it comes to your workout regime, it’s important to include movement and exercises that you enjoy as this will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goals. Preparing yourself to do exercises you don’t enjoy is bound to zap your motivation and make it less likely that you’ll stick with your program. Consequently, finding a program you enjoy will help ensure you maintain a long-term, active lifestyle instead of reverting back to the comforts provided by a sedentary lifestyle. If you enjoy the way your body feels during a high intensity interval training session, for instance, why not incorporate these into every session?

Don’t let yourself be your biggest obstacle to good health!

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