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The summer can be a great time to enhance your exercise routine, particularly if you want to take advantage of the longer and warmer days; however, we urge you to take caution on the hotter days. Your typical exercise routine may take more out of you on days that are hot and could lead to serious consequences.

In order to enjoy the summer, stay active and stay safe, we urge you to consider the following:

  • Be prepared: On days that are expected to be hot, plan for an indoor workout, a less intense outdoor workout or take a day to let your body rest.
  • Stay hydrated: You may think that your intermittent water breaks are enough but consider the fact that you will likely be sweating more and will need to drink more as a result. Listen to your body and don’t skimp on the water.
  • Dress for success: While we don’t want you to wear anything you feel uncomfortable in, we do urge you to consider clothing and materials that let your body breathe. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Try an early morning or late evening workout:  Avoid those peak, critical hours by ensuring you get out before or after the blazing sun is out.

Hydrate and stay safe!!

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