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It’s important to include stretching into your workout as it can help improve posture, reduce stress, mechanical efficiency and your overall functional performance. You may have heard your trainer refer to stretches as either dynamic (involving movement) or static (involving no movement).


Dynamic stretches (involving no motion) are typically done before you begin exercising and are a great way to help warm up the body and prepare it for the upcoming workout. The Arthritis Foundation provides some great examples of dynamic stretching you can do to prepare for your workout! We especially love the “high-stepping” stretch!


Completing a post-workout stretch is incredibly important to help reduce post workout stiffness. Additionally, stretching can help improve posture, reduce stress and improve mechanical efficiency and overall functional performance! Static stretches (involving no motion) are typically completed after a workout. The type of stretches you should do will depend on which part of the body you worked (i.e. was it a full-body workout or did you focus on the upper/lower body). For some sample stretches, click here.

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