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Couple drinking from water bottles

It surrounds our environment and comprises most of our existence, and yet ensuring we drink enough water still proves to be a challenge for many people – with profound detrimental consequences to our bodies.

Water is an essential ingredient to human life. Affecting everything from brain function to healthy skin, the more hydrated we are the better our intricate systems function. When considering exercise, water is vital for the delivery of micronutrients to our muscles and connective tissue. Joints that are lubricated are more resilient to the stressors of exercise. Tissues that are hydrated are less likely to experience damage from strains and overuse. Temperature regulation via capillary dilation and sweat glands is optimized and the transportation of waste products within our tissues is regulated. Water is also vital in ensuring proper kidney function and maintaining adequate blood pressure.

Increasing your water consumption is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your overall health and increase your fitness performance.

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