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Our Personal Trainers

Adam Peng

Personal Trainer
Certifications: ACE-CPT

Adam is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has been actively learning about the science of exercise for six years. His passion for bodybuilding inspired him to study for his personal training certification so he could share what he’s learned with others. In addition to training and bodybuilding, Adam also enjoys basketball and boxing.

Adam’s workout programs incorporate cardio and weight training, with an emphasis on functional movement to help clients build strength for everyday activities. He enjoys working with individuals of all ages and abilities. Adam’s passion for hypertrophy and fat loss makes him a great trainer for clients whose goals involve body sculpting and weight loss.

Fun Fact: Before becoming a Personal Trainer, Adam worked at a hotspot restaurant in downtown Vancouver, so you can expect some fun cooking tips during training!

Book with Adam for the following health and fitness goals: weight loss, understanding proper form and technique, posture, flexibility, strength training, hypertrophy, core strength, and boxing/kickboxing.

“Adam is a natural when it comes to personal training. I find he is great at adapting exercises to suit my ability and body mechanics. He also has a very kind and fun demeanour which makes training really enjoyable!”

Naila T.

Anthony McLoughlin

Personal Trainer & Quality Assurance Manager
Certifications: CPT-NEFPC | GT/FT

Anthony has a Bachelor of Business degree and graduated with Honours from the Dublin Institute of Technology. His passion for health and fitness later led him to study Personal Training with Image Fitness Training, where he received his certification as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and was awarded Student of the Year. Prior to moving to Vancouver, Anthony had been training clients professionally for three years.

As a Personal Trainer, Anthony is extremely passionate about helping people who lack confidence in the gym environment feel comfortable and confident in achieving their goals. Having gone through a similar fitness journey himself, his philosophy for training is improving not only the physical but also the mental aspects of health. His main goal when training clients is to ensure they feel good after each session.

Fun Fact: Anthony recently completed Level 1 in Nutrition and Coaching from Precision Nutrition!

Book with Anthony for the following health and fitness goals: weight loss, understanding proper form and technique, posture, flexibility, strength training, hypertrophy, and core strength.

“Anthony has been my personal trainer for 1&1/2 years. He continues to inspire me to increase my fitness goals to the next level. It is a pleasure to train with Anthony.”

Loree G.

“Anthony has been my personal trainer since mid-June 2020, when Body & Soul re-opened with strict Covid-19 protocols after shutting down in early March due to mandated Covid precautions. Anthony is knowledgeable, creative, and well prepared for every session, focusing on the specific factors which need attention in my case, and which always change a bit from time to time. Each session typically begins with a series of stretching and mobility exercises, followed by strength and balance routines which are often combined, and ends with a final set of stretching and mobility work. His routines continuously challenge my abilities, yet I have never left a session without feeling better than I did at the start of it. My progress in all the elements – flexibility, balance, strength, endurance – is clearly evident to me and is supported by the detailed notes that Anthony records at each session. It was not my expectation that in my 70’s I would become more physically fit with each passing year, but that is what is happening. Thank you, Anthony!”

Greg O.

Bahar Bakrani

Personal Trainer
Certifications: M. Kin

Bahar has a Master of Kinesiology degree from the University of Isfahan in Iran and is currently enrolled in the Kinesiology program at Langara College. Before becoming a personal trainer, she received her certification as a Laughter Yoga Leader with Laughter Yoga International University. Prior to inuring her knee, Bahar was an avid basketball player; after her injury, she found a new passion in archery.

When it comes to training, Bahar likes to focus on functional training as she believes it is the best way to improve mobility. Her workout programs tend to incorporate a mix of strength and cardio exercises to ensure a well-rounded training program.

Fun Fact: Bahar loves to travel. Her favourite trip to date is the time she spent in Sri Lanka.

Book with Bahar for the following health and fitness goals: weight loss, strength training, core training, and high intensity.

“I have trained with her several times and always enjoyed the sessions. She is very careful and has all sorts of new exercises, and lots of good encouragement. She is a tough task master but good – I recommend her highly.”


Ben Kelly


Personal Trainer
Certifications: B.Sc | CGI-ITEC

Ben has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Strength & Conditioning from the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland and is also a certified Gym Instructor. Ben’s athletic experience includes competing in various sports, including soccer, rugby and Gaelic football. He is currently training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, having earned his blue belt in 2020.

While Ben specializes in sports performance and has worked with many athletes, he also works with recreational gym goers of all abilities and ages. He strives to work closely with his clients to match his training approach to their training goals. Ben believes in the importance of exercise as a lifelong way to improve and maintain both mental and physical wellbeing.

Fun Fact: Ben used to keep calves in the backyard of his parent’s house and would feed them before school.

Book with Ben for the following health and fitness goals: sports performance, understanding proper form and technique, strength training, hypertrophy, injury prevention, TRX, and high intensity.

Ben is a kind and thoughtful trainer who always adapts the program to meet me where I’m at that day, while also pushing me to get better.


Elika Fallahi

Body & Soul Personal Trainer Elika Fallahi


Personal Trainer
Certifications: ACE-CPT | M. CEMT

Elika has a master’s degree in Corrective Exercise and Movement Therapy from the University of Tehran, a bachelor’s degree in Sport Nutrition from Elmi Karbordi University, and a personal training diploma from Infofit. She is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and has spent several years working in sports therapy clinics and medical exercise clinics. She has a passion for dance and performs with a local dance group.

Elika primarily takes a functional movement approach to training, with a focus on posture. This helps her clients build stability, mobility and strength for everyday activities, which in turn keeps them fit and healthy.

Fun Fact: Elika started ice skating six months ago and can’t wait to master the sport!

Book with Elika for the following health and fitness goals: weight loss, understanding proper form and technique, posture, flexibility, strength training, hypertrophy, core strength, injury prevention, and high intensity.

“I find that Elika establishes helpful relations of interaction with me. The following words come to mind: thoughtful, systematic, steady and encouraging. A good sense of humour!”

Bernard M.

“Elika brings a lot of energy to her training sessions, with her great sense of fun.  She provides a blend of stretching, weight, cardio and corrective exercises always with careful attention to form and technique. Her background in Corrective Exercise and Movement is clear in her choice of exercises as she helps you improve posture. It has been a pleasure to work with Elika.”


Juergen Reinhardt

Head Trainer
Certifications: CPT-BCRPA | B.PT | CMT

Juergen is a German trained physiotherapist, manual therapist, and sports instructor specializing in sports therapy. He is also a Nordic walking instructor.

Juergen takes a technical approach to personal training, drawing from his extensive background and training in physiotherapy, sports therapy and personal training. He has a special interest in rehabilitation training following illness or injury.

Fun Fact: Juergen is Body & Soul’s most senior employee, having spent more than 10 years faithfully helping our clients meet their health and fitness goals.

Book with Juergen for the following health and fitness goals: weight loss, sports performance, understanding proper form and technique, posture, flexibility, strength training, hypertrophy, core strength, and injury prevention.

“I have had the pleasure of training with Juergen at Body & Soul for many years. I am over 60 years old and I have had a knee replacement and a hip replacement. Juergen helped me to maintain as much strength as possible prior to the surgeries and contributed to my successful rehabilitation after each surgery. His training sessions enable me to remain active.”

Jill C.

Luke Ramnath

Assistant Head Trainer
Certifications: CPT-CanFitPro | CPT-REPs

With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, Luke is a highly skilled fitness professional. He has his personal training certification with The Register of Exercise Professionals, is a CanFitPro certified Personal Trainer and has his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for Fitness certification. He also holds a nutrition diploma from Stone Bridge College and has a nutrition certification from the BodyMind Institute. Luke is an active runner, soccer player, MMA participant and former rugby player.

As a Personal Trainer, Luke empowers his clients to show them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. He specializes in helping clients with weight loss, toning, core strength and improving mobility.

Fun Fact: Luke recently completed CanFitPro’s Active Aging course!

Book with Luke for the following health and fitness goals: weight loss, understanding proper form and technique, posture, flexibility, core strength, boxing/kickboxing and TRX training.

“I have been a client of Body & Soul for over 20 years and have always been impressed with the innovativeness, enthusiasm and friendliness of the trainers. Luke has all of these qualities and more! Every session I have with him is unique. He always has exercise plans that are well planned and full of exercises which are targeted and challenging. Many of these exercises I have never seen over all the years I have been training. He is always positive, enthusiastic and motivating. Keep up the good work, Luke!”


Nicki Mc Menamin

Personal Trainer
Certifications: ACE-CPTNicki comes to Body & Soul with a strong background in health and fitness: she is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, has been active in Gaelic football since she was five and continues to challenge herself by joining local races, and actively running and cycling.

When training, Nicki primarily takes a functional movement approach to help her clients build strength for everyday activities. Her workout programs often focus on cardio and weight training. Nicki wants to help clients understand and feel the benefits of training, not just physically but mentally as well; after all, a good workout helps release those good endorphins!

Fun Fact: Nicki recently taught herself how to swim so that she could take part in triathlons.

Book with Nicki for the following health and fitness goals: weight loss, understanding proper form and technique, posture, flexibility, strength training, hypertrophy, core strength, TRX and high intensity training.

“I appreciate Nicki’s approach to training. She creates training sessions that are focused on my goals while being mindful of my current limitations. She keeps me motivated by incorporating new activities that help me see my progress. I look forward to seeing her every week!”


“Nicki is enthusiastic and very adaptable. She listens to what you want and understands your body’s limit. I personally like to be maximized and she can do it safely.”