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Our Owner

Angela Longstaffe

Owner & CEO

Angela Longstaffe was one of Body & Soul’s first clients when it opened in 1995. Her doctor had referred her to the facility to assist with pain issues and, although skeptical, she agreed to try personal training. Her experience at Body & Soul surpassed all of her expectations: not only did her pain issues become manageable, she also received the support she needed to start improving her general health and fitness.

Angela soon saw that Body & Soul was a vibrant business with the potential to help many other people like herself; and she wanted to be a part of it. She became a silent partner in 1998 and three years later became involved in the daily management of the business. She became Body & Soul’s sole owner in 2003 and, with the exception of an unsuccessful attempt at retirement in 2011 (she couldn’t stay away), she continues to actively manage the business today.

As an adolescent, Angela was a champion ring tennis player, loved handball and worked as a lifeguard. She completed business studies in her native Germany, then worked in the European hotel industry before returning to Germany to work for several large international companies. She completed her law degree at night school just before coming to Canada.

Throughout the years Angela has put her body and soul into Body & Soul. She is passionate about maintaining its reputation as Vancouver’s premier health and fitness centre and her decisions reflect her desire to ensure every one of Body & Soul’s services, staff members and the facility itself, are of the highest quality.

Outside the gym, Angela’s life revolves around her family, which includes her husband, three children, three grandchildren and Bernese Mountain dog.