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The greatest investment Body & Soul makes on behalf of its clients is the most valuable resource of all — our staff. A diverse group of men and women, we are proud of the experience, dedication, professionalism and expertise they bring to Body & Soul. We’re sure that your journey will be highlighted by these gifted people.

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Staff Spotlight

Body & Soul Personal Trainer Elika Fallahi (Personal Trainer Vancouver)

Elika Fallahi

Personal Trainer


Elika has a master’s degree in Corrective Exercise and Movement Therapy from the University of Tehran, a bachelor’s degree in Sport Nutrition from Elmi Karbordi University, and a personal training diploma from Infofit. She is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and has spent several years working in sports therapy clinics and medical exercise clinics. She has a passion for dance and performs with a local dance group.

Elika primarily takes a functional movement approach to training, with a focus on posture. This helps her clients build stability, mobility and strength for everyday activities, which in turn keeps them fit and healthy.


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