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Spring cleaning is a great way to restructure your workout routine and eliminate any potentially unsafe and ineffective habits! For instance, you may be unconsciously becoming complacent in your workout, which may lead to a lack in progress and a possible – and preventable – plateau. You can typically offset or avoid this by introducing small changes to your routine: consider increasing each exercise’s difficulty by increasing the weight or tension used or try increasing the reps performed or introducing a new challenging component to a standard exercise (i.e. using a medicine ball whilst performing push-ups – as shown in the above picture).

Another great way to “spring clean” your workout is to optimize the space where you exercise. Many people struggle with finding the time and motivation to exercise at home, particularly when they have to setup equipment each time and store it all away again. If you are truly serious about exercising at home regularly, you should consider optimizing your workout space with some tweaks like these. You don’t even necessarily need a large space to start your home workout program – just a bit of imagination and planning!

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