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Small Group Personal Training provides many of the benefits that one-on-one training provides at reduced rates. We offer prescheduled sessions, available at set times and days each week.

What to Expect

All clients complete a health screening before training at Body & Soul. Your health screening will help us identify your needs and goals. Following the completion of a health screening, your trainer will design a program that will help you and the other participants in your group meet your health and fitness goals.

Typical one-hour small group personal training sessions consist of timed circuits that include the use of weights, stability balls, cardio equipment, an individual’s own body weight and more. Sessions are planned with consideration to each individual and their needs, no matter their age or level of fitness. In order to ensure that individual attention is given, sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 participants.

For more information, including rates and times, please call 604-224-2639.


Are you interested in Personal Training but are on a pretty tight budget? Small Group Personal Training may be right for you. Get many of the benefits of one on one training at reduced rates. Train with a highly qualified personal trainer with up to three other individuals. Call for more information about Small Group Personal Training 604-224-BODY.

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