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Depicts "health" - includes shoes, fruit like oranges and bananas as well as veggies like broccoli.

While it may not feel like it, your workout program (goals, intensity, etc.) relies heavily on the quality and amount of “fuel” your body is running on. Eating processed foods with little to no nutritional value will result in poor performance and will likely delay your progress in achieving your goals, whereas eating nutrient-rich whole foods will help your body meet the demands required to achieve your goals. If your goal is to improve strength then it may be important to re-evaluate your protein, carbs, caloric intake, etc. For more information on eating to improve strength, click here.

Do you find your energy beginning to wane? While your energy levels may be affected by non-dietary factors, there is no doubt that what you fuel your body with has a direct impact on your body’s ability to function properly. You can increase your energy by eating a well balanced breakfast, replacing empty calorie meals or snacks with nutritious foods (i.e. opt for natural not ‘sweetened’), selecting iron-rich vegetables and of course ensuring you eat enough throughout the day.

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