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Home Programs

Custom Home Programs

We understand that generic programs may not be suitable for those with injuries or other health concerns. Therefore, we offer personalized home programs for those with special considerations via the app Trainer+. Your personal trainer will prepare a customized program with consideration of your goals, fitness level, and home equipment. While we will do our best to get your program to you ASAP, please give us a few days to accommodate client demand and trainer availabilities.

Contact us for more information about custom home programs.

Generic Home Programs

We ​With the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that some clients may not yet be ready to return to training in the studio. In an effort to help you, we have created generic programs that will be suitable for most people. We realize that most people will not have a lot of fitness equipment at home and therefore the programs are generally built using minimal equipment.

These programs can be modified to suit your fitness level. Typically the easiest way to increase or decrease intensity is to increase or decrease weight, number of reps, or number of sets. Please take your time and be mindful of your body during each exercise. Use discretion and perform at your own risk.