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What is a Body & Soul consultation?

Body & Soul consultations are an opportunity to sit down with one of our personal trainers to talk about your health and fitness goals, needs, questions and concerns.

During one of our 30-minute consultations, you can expect to:

  • develop health and fitness goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely
  • find out how we can help you achieve these goals through personalized training programs
  • discuss your past fitness experience
  • identify your training style preference
  • identify what motivates you and what causes you stress
  • discuss any other questions and/or concerns you may have about starting your health and fitness journey

Why should I have a consultation?

At Body & Soul, we recognize that choosing a fitness studio can be a big commitment and we want you to be confident in your choice. Taking the time to talk to a trainer and develop a strong, trusting relationship is critical in achieving your goals. Body & Soul consultations give you the opportunity to learn more about our studio, meet our trainers and find out how we can help you on your road to optimal health.

What is involved in a virtual consultation?

For those who are not comfortable coming into our studio at this time, we offer 30-minute virtual consultations via Zoom. Once you have identified which personal trainer you are interested in speaking with, we will give you some options for days and times that you could speak with them.

Virtual consultations follow the same structure as in-studio consultations in that the trainer will discuss your goals, needs, concerns, and answer any questions you may have about personal training.

If you’re interested in booking a consultation, please contact us. Let us know which of our personal trainer you would like to meet with!