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Gym essentials: towel, bottle, shoes and headphones

We are stoked to hear that you’re ready to return after an extended break; however, we want to remind you that you should not expect to train at the same program intensity as before you left – at least not yet.

When you take time off from training – aka “detraining” – you can expect your fitness level to decrease (makes sense, right?). A loss in gains can be seen after only a few weeks off from training, and studies have shown several functional gains return to pre-training levels after 52 weeks.

For some people, it can be discouraging when they are unable to re-start at the same level of intensity as when they stopped training. This is why we urge clients to start slowly and consider what it is they are hoping to get out of their training – at least in the beginning. Without properly identifying what you need from your fitness program or how much your body can physically handle, you greatly increase your chance of injury. There is absolutely no shame in reducing intensity after a long absence; the important thing to remember is that everyone starts somewhere. Keep at it and you will see progress return!

When you’re ready to return, we will be here.

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