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Woman performing chest press with bar - person spotting from behind

When it comes to a weight loss goal, many people consider revising their diet and increasing their cardio.

While both will certainly help you achieve weight loss, resistance training is also an important step on your road to losing weight.

Not only will added muscle mass help burn body fat through an increase in resting caloric expenditure, but “toning” is a byproduct of resistance training – not nutrition, nor cardio. Through resistance training, you will see an increase in your metabolism as well as your body’s ability to burn calories which of course will help you lose weight. When you lose muscle mass, your caloric expenditure is affected and you generally burn fewer calories which can lead to weight gain and increased body fat unless your diet is revised to compensate.

Don’t forget that habit is what determines your ability to maintain optimal weight. A solid workout program combined with a nutritious diet will help you reach and maintain your goal.

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