Body & Soul August 2017 Newsletter

the fight against childhood obesity

According to a study published by the Association for Psychological Science, parents who consider their child to be overweight may inadvertently be 'helping' their child gain weight. The study, which followed nearly 3,000 Australian families for almost 10 years, found that the children whose parents initially perceived them to be overweight were more likely to have a negative view about their bodies down the road.1 While there wasn't concrete evidence showing that the parents' perception directly caused the children's weight gain, it surely raises questions about how we handle this epidemic. Read more...

fitness tip: squat variations to consider

Squats are an incredibly versatile exercise that can be modified to fit into almost anyone's fitness program. You should consider introducing squat variations into your workout program to help improve balance and build stronger support muscles for your joints. You can increase the intensity of the standard squat by instead performing goblet squats (with weight), jump squats, single-leg squat variations, etc. Talk to your trainer to see what squats (if any) are a good fit for your workout program.

nutrition tip: summer eating tips

The summer is a great time for social gatherings like barbecues and picnics; however, many of our favourite summer snacks and meals do not help us achieve our long-term nutritional goals. To ensure you finish off the summer without compromising your nutrition, consider the following tips: 1) opt for a lettuce wrap for your burger instead of a bun, 2) ask for salad dressing to be put on the side so you can control how much you use, 3) opt for baked or grilled foods over fried foods, 4) be aware of portion sizes (don't hesitate to save half for later) and 5) stay hydrated!

club news

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Monday September 4th for Labour Day. Studio will re-open Tuesday September 5th at 6am. We hope that you have a lovely long weekend.

New Staff Member: Body & Soul is excited to welcome Stephanie Allen to the Front Desk Team!

Congratulations Caitlin!: Congratulations to former Body & Soul Front Desk Supervisor Caitlin Taylor and her wonderful husband on their recent nuptials! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, love, laughter and joy.

Waitlist: Are the times and days you want to train fully booked? Are you available to train at short notice? Complete a waitlist slip in the studio and we will call you the day prior if a spot has opened up with your favourite trainer(s).

Iris Collins

Iris Collins

Personal Trainer

Iris has a certificate in Sports and Leisure Management, Exercise and Health Fitness and is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Iris joins Body & Soul with over seven years of experience in the fitness industry.

Growing up, Iris was active in almost every sport possible but has discovered that her true passion lies in boxing, kickboxing and self defence. She enjoys training people of all ages and abilities with an emphasis on functional training. Iris believes that with the right program, determination, encouragement and guidance, anyone can achieve their goals!

physio's corner

Q: Why should I consider variety in my workouts?

A: The summer is a great time to add some variety to your fitness routine. Consider taking some of your indoor workouts or exercises outside. Running on trails, for instance, can be a great way to challenge the proprioception in your ankles, and all the stabilizers in your legs. Read more...

Michael Hales is a registered physiotherapist and owner of Halestorm Physiotherapy here at Body & Soul. To find out how physiotherapy can help you, visit