Body & Soul October 2016 Newsletter

october 29th is world stroke day

You may recall having read similar articles in older fitness file issues, but we simply cannot stress the importance of this topic! According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation™, stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada with approximately 50,000 Canadians suffering from a stroke each year... Read more...

fitness tip: lunge progression

Are you growing bored of the "static" lunge? Like many exercises, you can revise lunges to accommodate your fitness level; for instance, increasing the difficulty by adding weight or progressing from a static lunge to a forward lunge and subsequently to a walking lunge, a reverse lunge and so on. Progression - with any exercise - is important as it prevents you from reaching a plateau and keeps your workouts fresh and interesting. For more progression tips, talk to your trainer.

nutrition tip: bloating and gas buildup

Do you feel "bloated" after eating a big meal? Does this sometimes lead to stomach pain? Bloating and gas buildup are often the result of eating too quickly, having sensitivities to certain foods or swallowing air whilst eating and/or drinking. They can also result from eating high portions of certain foods, including: beans, dairy, whole grain foods, etc.² To prevent excessive bloating, you may want to consider smaller portions of foods you know can cause bloating and gas buildup. If you are thinking about making changes to your current diet, we urge you to consult the experts at Eating for Energy.

club news

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Monday October 10th for Thanksgiving. Studio will re-open Tuesday October 11th at 6am. We hope you have a safe and lovely long weekend!

Auf Wiedersehen Isabel!: We are extremely sad to say goodbye to Body & Soul Personal Trainer Isabel Verse; however, we are incredibly proud to announce she has been accepted into medical school in Germany! No words can express how much we will miss you, but as you so often remind us, it is important to "keep moving - physically and mentally." Congratulations Isabel! We wish you the best of luck and can't wait for an update!

Congratulations are in Order: Congratulations to Front Desk Supervisor, Melissia Isic, and her husband - former Body & Soul Personal Trainer Davor Isic - on their recent nuptials! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, love, laughter
and joy.

Iris Collins

Iris Collins

Personal Trainer

Iris has a certificate in Sports and Leisure Management, Exercise and Health Fitness and is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Iris joins Body & Soul with over seven years of experience in the fitness industry.

Growing up, Iris was active in almost every sport possible but has discovered that her true passion lies in boxing, kickboxing and self-defense. She enjoys training people of all ages and abilities with an emphasis on functional training. Iris believes that with the right program, determination, encouragement and guidance, anyone can achieve their goals.


trainer's corner

Q: Why does my trainer change up my workout each session?

A: We all have a tendency to fall into routines, particularly when it comes to our exercise program. This is in part due to our own comfort in what we know works with regard to achieving our goals, but it is also the result of complacency, which - in the end... Read more...