Body & Soul March 2016 Newsletter

what to expect when you return to training after a long break

First of all, we commend you on your decision to get back to training; getting back to a fitness routine takes no small amount of will power. Of course, how you start again will depend greatly on how long of a 'break' you took (i.e. weeks, months or years) and will even depend on the intensity of the training you did before your break. Read more...

fitness tip: keeping a neutral neck

Poor posture can lead to unnecessary strains on your body, particularly when it comes to your neck. For many people, neck injuries and pain are the result of attempting to achieve faster repetitions with a shorter range of motion, often compromising their neutral neck position. For instance, when completing a chin-up some people will extend their chin towards the bar as they lift themselves up, putting their neck out of alignment and causing increased tension to the neck muscles.

nutrition tip: revising your diet as you age

As you age, your nutritional requirements change, particularly if you become less active. Whether you hope to lose or maintain your weight as you age, your caloric intake should consider your level of activity. It is important to eat foods that are calorie-wise and high in nutrition. If you are eating more calories than you are burning, you will likely find yourself gaining weight. According to Dieticians of Canada, you should plan for three meals and one to three small snacks each day. For more information, check out Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide.

club news

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Friday March 25th to Sunday March 27th for the Easter weekend. Studio will re-open Monday March 28th at 6am. We hope you have a safe and nice long weekend.

New Staff Member: We are excited to welcome Davor Isic to the Personal Training Team!

Continuous Learning: Personal Trainer Michelle Wong is now a BCRPA registered Osteofit Trainer! We'd like to thank all of the clients who volunteered their time to help Michelle complete her practicum hours.

Waitlist: Are the times and days you want to train fully booked? Are you available at short notice to train? Complete a waitlist slip in the studio and we will call you the day prior if a spot has opened up with your favourite trainer(s).

Melissia Isic

Front Desk Supervisor

We're happy to formally welcome Melissia Isic to our Front Desk team.

Melissia is the only member of her German family to be born in Canada. She has been jet-setting since she was three months old and has travelled all over the world. The rush of adventures, meeting new people and discovering new cultures led Melissia to move to Auckland, New Zealand where she lived for a year. As a UBC Sociology major, with a passion for criminology and the justice system, Melissia hopes to one day work with troubled youth. Read more...


trainer's corner

Q: How can I get the most out of my training?

A: One of the best ways to get the most out of your training session is to push your body out of its comfort zone. One way to do this is to ensure you are in complete control of your body's movement with each exercise instead of letting gravity do its work. For instance, when lifting weights, don't simply let the weight drop back down as you lower it, control your arm and the speed in which you lower the weight. Read more...