Body & Soul July 2016 Newsletter

why am I urged to train with more than one trainer?

Most clients form a strong bond with a single trainer or a select few. Often this is the result of a combination of factors including: personality, training style and availability. We recognize that the bond formed between a client and their trainer is a special one; however, we also believe that training with more than one trainer has immense benefits. Read more...

fitness tip: "bend your knees"

Keeping your knees bent while exercising ensures that the weight of your body, in addition to any weights being used, is actually supported by the muscles surrounding your knees instead of the knee joint itself. Locking your knees puts unnecessary strain on your knees and can lead to pain and injury. For example, consider that when landing from a jump most people try to reduce the impact by bending their knees as they land to avoid hurting their knees.

nutrition tip: help your kids eat better

Eating healthy can be a challenge but getting your kids to eat healthy can be a battle! There are many ways in which you can help your kids eat better: 1) Sneak healthy ingredients into fun and flavourful snacks and meals like smoothies and desserts. 2) Include your kids in the prepping and cooking of meals; cooking can be fun and the best reward is eating the final product. 3) Be a role model; kids copy and mimic their parents so be sure to eat your vegetables! For some great kid-friendly recipe ideas, click here.

club news

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Monday August 1st for B.C. Day. Studio will re-open Tuesday August 2nd at 6am. Have a wonderful and safe long weekend!

New Staff Member: We are excited to welcome Karrar Khaku to the Personal Training Team! Learn more about your favourite personal trainers here.

One Stop Shop: For those who do not know, earlier this year we welcomed Physiotherapist Michael Hales to our Wellness Team. In addition to personal training services, clients at Body & Soul now have access to physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy, registered massage therapy and Pilates!

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Jade Reid

Personal Trainer

Jade is a CanFitPro certified personal training specialist and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Kinesiology at UBC. She has extensive experience in health, fitness and training, which she gained during her 17 years as a dedicated ice hockey athlete.

As a personal trainer, Jade is motivated by her clients' success in achieving their goals. She strives to ensure that her clients always feel that every session with her is a great workout. Jade enjoys working with people of all abilities and is always actively learning new styles to incorporate into her training sessions.


trainer's corner

Q: Why is my trainer concerned if I have high blood pressure?

A: High blood pressure (BP) can be the result of a variety of factors, including: health issues (such as thyroid or kidney problems), alcohol abuse, certain medications, etc. If you have high BP then your trainer is responsible for creating a training program that keeps your BP under control to reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.¹ Read more...