Body & Soul April 2016 Newsletter

how to succeed in achieving your goals

For many of us, our health and fitness journey is driven by a specific goal and our ability to stick to an exercise program depends on our success in achieving that goal. It can be discouraging when, after a few months of exercise, we don't see results. Don't be discouraged; following are some tips to help you achieve your goals and stay motivated Read more...

fitness tip: remember to breathe

When your trainer reminds you to breathe, he/she isn't doing it to belittle you - it is actually very important as holding your breath during an exercise will negatively impact the flow of oxygen to your brain. If this happens you may begin to feel dizzy and may risk passing out. Most exercises require you to inhale and exhale at certain points; for instance, when you lift weights you should exhale when you exert the most force.

nutrition tip: the problem with restrictive diets

A restrictive diet is one that requires you to give up certain food groups or forces you to reduce your caloric intake to an unrealistic level. While some people find some short-term success with such diets, most find they are not compatible with long-term success. Read more...

club news

Fit for Less: Small Group Personal Training offers similar benefits to 1-on-1 training at reduced rates! Call us for more information at 604-224-2639 [body].

Gift Certificates Available: Looking for a gift for a friend or loved one? Body & Soul has gift certificates available for several services, including: registered massage therapy, private Pilates and personal training.

Refer and Receive!: Refer a new client who purchases a one-on-one, partner or small group personal training package and receive a free session! ~Available for all clients with an open personal training package~ Questions? Speak with our front desk.

Testimonials: Do you absolutely love your training sessions, personal trainer(s) and/or the Body & Soul studio? Let us know! We are always looking for testimonials to add to our website.

Juergen Reinhardt

Personal Trainer

Juergen is a German trained physiotherapist, manual therapist, and sports instructor specializing in sports therapy. He is also a Nordic walking instructor.

Juergen takes a technical approach to personal training, drawing from his extensive background and training in physiotherapy, sports therapy and personal training. He has a special interest in rehabilitation training following illness or injury.


trainer's corner

Q: Why should I monitor my heart rate during my workout?

A: One of the best ways to determine how hard your body is working during your workout is to monitor your heart rate (HR). You can calculate your HR by using a heart rate monitor or by feeling for your pulse and calculating it manually. Read more...