Body & Soul January 2016 Newsletter

hot therapy vs. cold therapy

At some point, we have all experienced muscle or joint pain and asked ourselves the burning question: heat or ice? When uncertain, many of us lean towards heat as we want to be warm and relaxed instead of cold and agitated; however, this can be the wrong choice and can actually exacerbate the problem further. Read more...

fitness tip: stretch to improve posture

Did you know that a hunched posture, with shoulders drawn forward, can be the result of tight pec muscles? While we work our pecs during exercise, we don't always treat them to a nice stretch after our workout. Consider the following: with your arm bent to 90 degrees place your forearm against an open doorway, stand with one foot in front and one behind for stability, and slowly push your chest forward. Hold for approximately 30 seconds before alternating arms. Stop if you feel pain.

nutrition tip: snack before you eat

Before a pre-planned dinner outing, do you often find yourself holding off on snacks in anticipation of a three course meal? If so, is it in an attempt to reduce your overall daily calorie intake? Studies suggest that eating a snack prior to going out may actually sate your appetite enough so that you eat less when dining out, compared to if you didn't eat a snack. Reading through the menu on an empty stomach is like doing your grocery shopping on an empty stomach; the decisions you make are made whilst feeling hungry and may not be the healthiest of choices.

club news

Happy New Year!: Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday break. Time to get back in the studio - we can't wait to see you!

Waitlist: Are the times and days you want to train fully booked? Are you available at short notice to train? Complete a waitlist slip in the studio and we will call you the day prior if a spot has opened up with your favourite trainer(s).

New Staff Member: We are pleased to welcome a new memeber to the Front Desk Team! Learn more about your favourite Body & Soul staff members here. Read more...

Constance Batore

Personal Trainer

Constance has a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of British Columbia and has completed National Coaching Certification Program courses. She has an extensive background in Martial Arts, including seven years in Muay Thai, three years in Jujitsu and Pankration as well as a blue belt in Taekwondo and Karate. She is currently training in Wing Tsun. She has worked with clients with disabilities by way of UBC Access and Diversity and was a swim coach for the Special Olympics. Together these experiences have given her a unique understanding of the meaningful relationship between athletic student (client) and teacher (personal trainer). Read more...


trainer's corner

Q: I want to lose weight - why is my trainer having me do so much resistance training?

A: When it comes to a weight loss goal, many people consider revising their diet and increasing their cardio. Read more...