Body & Soul November 2015 Newsletter

overcoming barriers to exercise

Finding motivation to get active and stay fit can be hard, particularly as the days get shorter and colder. Physical activity, whether it is exercise or some sort of sporting activity, requires mental and physical exertion. For many of us, making excuses not to do physical activity is second nature. Read more...

fitness tip: reps, sets and how to progress

A general rule of thumb for increasing resistance is to do it once you are able to complete the upper number of reps within your range with proper technique. For instance, if your range is 8-12 reps per set, you should be able to complete 12 reps with proper technique and ease. Once this is achieved, you should consider increasing the resistance by roughly 5%. Keep in mind, however, that increasing your resistance will affect the number of reps you can perform until you grow stronger.

nutrition tip: reduce your added sugar intake

Did you know that by reducing foods containing added sugars, you can reduce your calorie intake without negatively affecting your quality of nutrition? Consider, for instance, that many juices and soft drinks contain added sugars but provide little in the way of nutritional value; a couple of cans of pop can amount to a substantial amount of unnecessary calories without providing any nutritional value.

club news

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Wednesday November 11th for Remembrance Day. Studio will re-open Thursday November 12th.

Congratulations & Welcome!: Front Desk Supervisor, Rikka Tindle, has joined Body & Soul's Personal Training team! While she will continue to help out part-time at the front desk she can't wait to dive in to personal training.

Armin's Adventures: After several years, Body & Soul Personal Trainer Armin Ghayyur has said goodbye to Body & Soul. Armin will be pursuing his new career in physiotherapy. Good luck Armin, we will miss you!

Heather's Journey: After two years, Body & Soul Personal Trainer and frequent trainer's corner writer Heather Williams has left Body & Soul (and soon Vancouver!). Heather is moving to Port Coquitlam where she intends to continue her personal training career. All the best to you Heather, you will be missed!

Michael Sokalski

Registered Massage Therapist

Michael graduated from Algonquin College's Registered Massage Therapy program in 2010. Prior to that, he completed four terms at News Westminster's West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Michael specializes in therapeutic massage, but also has experience in Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Technique, TMJ treatments, Swedish massage, Hydrotherapies, scar work, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, injury prevention and athletic rehabilitation.



trainer's corner

Q: I was diagnosed with arthritis - should I stop exercising?

A: Many people with arthritis fear that physical activity will further exacerbate their joint problems; however, exercise, long-term, will most often help with joint pain and weakness. It is actually inactivity that will accelerate problems by increasing your risk of health issues and the risk of osteoporosis (decreased bone density and increased susceptibility to fractures). Read more...