Body & Soul May 2015 Newsletter

the benefits of training with a personal trainer

Many people find that the benefits of working out with a personal trainer significantly outweigh the benefits of exercising on their own. In fact, some of the perceived benefits of working out on your own can actually be obstacles to achieving your goals.

Consider the following:

fitness tip: how to organize the exercises in your workout

A general rule of thumb for most training programs is to work out the biggest muscles first and the smallest muscles last. For example, if you're doing a full-body workout, the order could be legs (glutes, quads and hamstrings), chest, back, shoulders, biceps/triceps, calves and rotator cuff. This is especially important if you're doing difficult compound movements (i.e. squats) as you don't want to exhaust the "little" muscles that assist your "big" muscles during the exercise.

Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: speak with your doctor before trying dietary supplements

Many people have turned to dietary supplements to further improve their physical performance, to lose weight and/or to achieve other health and fitness goals. While some supplements can help you achieve your goals when used properly, misuse of supplements can lead to serious, even grave, impacts on your health. Always speak with your doctor before trying dietary supplements, particularly if you are taking any medications or if you have an existing health condition.

club news

Give Her the Gift of Therapy: This Mother's Day, give her the gift of Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)! RMT is offered in 45, 65 and 90 minute sessions. Speak with our front desk for more information or to purchase gift certificates.

Chance to Win a Massage Session: Complete a comment card in the studio between May 11th - 16th for your chance to win a 65 minute Registered Massage Therapy session.

Happy Birthday Body & Soul: This month Body & Soul celebrates 20 years in business! Thank you to everyone who has been part of our story over the last 20 years.

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Monday May 18th for Victoria Day. Studio will re-open Tuesday May 19th at 6am. We hope you have a wonderful long weekend.

Heather Williams

Personal Trainer

Heather is a certified ACSM and INFOFIT Personal Trainer with additional training in group fitness, including bootcamps and step aerobics. She is currently expanding her knowledge and focusing on nutrition and rehabilitation. Read more...


trainer's corner

Q: What is a "plateau" and how do I overcome it?

A: A plateau is the common term for when a person's progress becomes stagnant. This can happen for many reasons, such as not eating enough to fuel your workouts or eating too much to continue with weight loss. If your goals are to build size and/or strength, you must be training hard several times a week.


Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



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