Body & Soul June 2015 Newsletter

5 reasons to exercise regularly

Staying active is an important part of living a long, healthy and happy life, but how specifically does it actually benefit us? Studies continue to show that getting regular exercise has the following benefits... Read more...

the summer special is back!

Our always popular summer special is back! From June 1st to 30th, purchase the following training packages at reduced rates:

June 1st - June 30th

  • Personal Training: 10 sessions for $650* save $100
  • Partner Training: 10 sessions for $975* save $150

*Each client may purchase one of each summer special package, i.e. one personal training and one partner training. Additional packages can be purchased as gifts. Tax will be added to all prices.

fitness tip: training mistakes to avoid

When it comes to your training, we urge you to avoid making these two common mistakes: 1) Leaving out assistance work. Most people focus on the big and visible muscles during their workouts; however, there are many smaller muscles that assist the movements the big muscles perform. Failure to develop the "hidden" assisting muscles can increase your risk of injury and hold you back from reaching your goals. 2) Not getting enough sleep. Sleep is essential to any training program as it allows your body to recover and heal from the work you've put in at the gym. In addition to adding unnecessary stress to your body and mind, a bad night of sleep can directly affect your ability to make progress in your training program.

Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: selecting healthy bedtime snacks

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of an open fridge wondering why you are there - especially near bedtime? Instead of fighting bedtime cravings, we urge you to sate them with a healthy bedtime snack. It is important to consider what you eat before you sleep as some foods affect the quality of your sleep; for instance, high fat foods can steal bedtime rest. So the next time you find yourself standing in front of the fridge, look for snacks rich in tryptophan, a sleep inducing amino acid, for a better chance at a good night's sleep.

club news

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Wednesday July 1st for Canada Day. Studio will re-open Thursday July 2nd at 6am. Be safe and enjoy the time off!

Caitlin Returns: Surprise! Front Desk Supervisor, Caitlin Taylor, has returned to the front desk team for the summer. She is ecstatic to be back and can't wait to see all the familiar faces.

Summer Training: Is your trainer taking some time off this summer? We encourage you to speak with your trainer about other trainers who would be a good fit for you to ensure you can continue training in their absence. You can also check out our trainer profiles here.

New Staff Members: Body & Soul would like to welcome Rebekah Litke to the Personal Training Team and Larissa Muir to the Front Desk Team.

Caitlin Taylor

Front Desk Supervisor

Caitlin has returned to Body & Soul's Front Desk Team for the Summer. Caitlin was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and is a self proclaimed sports "junkie". Although she's currently sitting at the front desk, Caitlin has a strong fitness background, having played volleyball and basketball in high school and soccer with the Edmonton Warriors (Metro League Soccer). She spent two ski seasons working as a CASI Certified Snowboard Instructor at Mount Seymour and became a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer in Fall 2010. She's even a PADI Certified Dive Master. Read more...


trainer's corner

Q: Why is core activation important?

A: Your "core", as it is called in general terms, is the key to optimal performance, stability, and posture. It is the foundation for all movements of the body, and also functions as a biological lifting belt and brace.

Being able to activate your core will improve your posture by keeping your spine in alignment. It will also improve your ability to balance and perform complex movement patterns. Trying to perform technical and/or compound exercises without first activating your core is the easiest way to get injured at the gym, especially as you increase the weight being lifted. Read more...

Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



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