Body & Soul July 2015 Newsletter

enjoy the summer but take caution with the heat

The summer can be a great time to enhance your exercise routine, particularly if you want to take advantage of the longer and warmer days; however, we urge you to take caution on the hotter days. Your normal exercise routine may take more out of you on days that are hot and could lead to serious consequences. In order to enjoy the summer, stay active and stay safe, we urge you to consider the following: Read more...

the summer special continues!

From July 1st to 31st, purchase the following training package at a reduced rate:

July 1st - July 31st

  • Small Group Personal Training: 4 weeks (once/wk) $90* save $10

*Each client may purchase one summer special package. Additional packages can be purchased as gifts. Tax will be added.

fitness tip: don't forget to activate your core muscles

A weak core can lead to lower back pain, injury and may even negatively affect your posture. Learning to properly activate your core is extremely important as it provides, in a way, armor for your spine and internal organs. Before working on core strength, you may need to work on your core stability as this will allow you to perform strength exercises with ease and with less risk of injury. There are many exercises you can perform to help improve your core strength, including: dead bugs, planks and supermans; however, we urge you to speak with your trainer first to ensure you activate your core properly for these exercises.

Jade Reid is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: spice up your life to improve your health

Did you know that adding certain spices to your food will not only enhance their flavour but may also provide medicinal benefits? Whether you are looking to lower your cholesterol, reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism, increase your memory or reduce your risk of certain health conditions (including cancer and heart disease) you should consider adding herbs and spices to your meals. For instance, cayenne is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to help boost metabolism. Learn more about how herbs and spices can help improve your health here.

club news

New Staff Member: We are pleased to welcome Michael Sokalski, Registered Massage Therapist, to our Wellness Team.

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Monday August 3rd for BC Day. Studio will re-open Tuesday August 4th at 6am. We hope you have a wonderful long weekend.

Join our Waitlist: Are the times and days you want to train fully booked? Are you available at short notice to train? Ask one of our front desk staff members to add you to our waitlist - we will call you the day prior if a spot has opened up with your favourite trainer(s).

Referral Program: Did you know that our referral program includes training specials? If your friend purchases our July summer special package, you will receive a small group personal training session! Speak with our front desk for more information.

Jade Reid

Personal Trainer

Jade is a CanFitPro certified personal training specialist and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Kinesiology at UBC. While relatively new to training others, Jade has extensive experience in health, fitness and training, which she gained during her 16 years as a dedicated ice hockey athlete.

As a personal trainer, Jade is motivated by her clients' success in achieving their goals. She strives to ensure that her clients always feel that every session with her is a great workout. Jade enjoys working with people of all abilities and is always actively learning new styles to incorporate into her training.


trainer's corner

Q: How can I speed up my results without overtraining?

A: There are a several simple ways to improve your results that don't require you to change your actual workout routine. While the concepts are simple, maintaining them can be a challenge for some people.

First, you need to get adequate sleep. Resistance training, for instance, with a progressive overload actually tears the muscle fibres and sleeping helps them repair and become even stronger, allowing them to adapt to new demands. If you don't get enough sleep, you won't be able to make the necessary repairs. Read more...

Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



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