Body & Soul January 2015 Newsletter

happy 20th birthday Body & Soul

This year, Body & Soul celebrates its 20th year in business! Owner Angela Longstaffe would like to extend her gratitude and appreciation to all clients, staff and friends who have worked and trained with Body & Soul. Your trust in us has helped us become one of Vancouver’s premium health and fitness studios. Thank you for believing in us.

Over the last 20 years, we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many amazing clients - including some who have been with us for over 15 years! We have seen our clients overcome chronic pain and severe injuries, compete in local and national sporting and physical competitions, and achieve countless other personal goals with the help of their personal trainers. It has truly been a pleasure to have had such a positive impact on so many lives.

Body & Soul has also had the pleasure of working with over a hundred Personal Trainers - many of whom have gone on to pursue further careers in health and fitness. Some of their major accomplishments include completing advanced degrees in chiropractic and physiotherapy, finishing medical/dental school, completing masters programs, joining major sporting leagues, coaching international teams and more! Many have noted that their time with Body & Soul helped them gain the knowledge, experience and passion to help drive them forward. We are so proud of what they have accomplished and can’t wait to see what they will embark upon next.

Happy Birthday Body & Soul! And thank you to everyone who has been part of our story over the last 20 years!

fitness tip: the benefits of deadlifts

Other than the obvious benefit of increased strength associated with deadlifts, there are very functional advantages to incorporating them into your workouts. First, the practice of completing deadlifts helps improve your grip strength. Additionally, deadlifts work multiple muscle groups at one time, including your core which is essential to being able to perform many daily activities safely and without injury, as well as your back muscles which help improve your posture. Finally, your heart health will improve too! So don’t let the name scare you, deadlifts can be a great addition to most workouts. Ask your trainer to see if they are right for you!

Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: the problem with trendy diets

In theory, dieting can help individuals achieve their health and weight loss goals by creating a set plan of when, what and how much they can eat. Trendy diets seem to spring up out of nowhere and are almost always surrounded by a lot of hype. One of the main issues with trendy diets is that they often promise you will lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time, which is not only misleading but can have a dangerous impact on your body, often causing dehydration, fatigue, constipation and, in some cases, malnutrition. If you are interested in changing your eating habits to help you lose weight, we strongly encourage you to speak with a registered nutritionist. Body & Soul works with Eating for Energy to ensure our clients receive high quality advice and help when it comes to their nutrition.

club news

Welcome Back: Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday break. Time to get back in the studio - we can’t wait to see you!

Don't Forget: As an active Body & Soul client, you get several perks: 1) you can book a free reassessment, 2) receive a complimentary session when you refer family and friends and 3) finish your sessions with a nice shower (complete with hair and body products). Speak with our front desk staff for more information about these perks.

Goal Setting: The New Year is a great time to revisit your goals. Talk to your trainer about your original goals, think about your progress and create new goals for 2015! Ask your trainer about our Progress Cards and find out how far you’ve come!

Thank You: Thank you to all those who helped us collect donations for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (DEWC) last month. We collected more donations than any previous year - thank you! The DEWC staff were extremely grateful for the amount of donations collected and wanted us to extend their gratitude to all who helped collect!

Angela Longstaffe

Owner, Heart of Body & Soul

Angela Longstaffe was one of Body & Soul’s first clients when it opened in 1995. Her doctor had referred her to the facility to assist with pain issues and, although skeptical, she agreed to try personal training. Her experience at Body & Soul surpassed all of her expectations: not only did her pain issues become manageable, she also received the support she needed to start improving her general health and fitness.



trainer’s corner

Q: Why does my trainer give me such heavy weights when all I want to do is tone up?

A: The fitness industry uses the term ‘toning up’ to target (mostly) women who want to look great but are afraid of looking ‘too muscular’ - instead of trying to properly educate them. In reality, women do not have the hormones necessary to look ‘bulky’, and it certainly won’t happen in only a few months of resistance training.


Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



Congratulations to last issue's contest winner Audrey Ho who won a 65 minute Registered Massage Therapy session.

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