Body & Soul September 2014 Newsletter

take care to avoid weekend warrior syndrome

As we head back into Fall, many people rush to take advantage of the last of the beautiful Summer weather and activities while they still can. While we highly encourage you to keep active, we strongly urge you to pace yourself to ensure you don’t fall victim to Weekend Warrior Syndrome.

Weekend Warrior Syndrome is what happens when you don’t exercise during the week and then push yourself too hard on the weekend. Such intense activity can be even more serious if you don’t take time to warm your muscles beforehand.

Taking the time to properly train and prepare for any intense activity — whether it is an upcoming marathon, rowing challenge or sporting competition — is extremely important. If you are planning to partake in any such activity, or if you would like to have the option to train harder on weekends, you should talk to your trainer about the best way to go about it. You and your trainer may decide to modify your exercise program in an effort to help you train for a specific event and they can give you great tips for at-home exercises to ensure you are ready to push yourself to your limits. We hope you have a safe and wonderful final few weeks of Summer.

Body & Soul’s open house is just around the corner!

Join us Saturday September 20th from 12 pm — 4 pm for our 6th Open House! Event includes fitness stations, service stations, food, prizes, a ping pong challenge and more! Grand prize of 10 Personal Training sessions! Visit for more information.

Open House Special

  • Personal Training: 10 sessions for $650 (save $100)
  • Partner Training: 10 sessions for $975 (save $150)
  • Small Group Personal Training: 4 weeks (once/week) for $90 (save $10)

Offer available September 20th only. Each client may purchase one of each open house special package (personal, partner and small group training). Tax will be added to all prices.

fitness tip: benefits of compound exercises

A compound exercise is one that requires the use of multiple muscle groups to carry out a movement. These exercises are beneficial for individuals who don’t have time to go to the gym more than three times a week as they allow the individual to work out many muscle groups in a shorter time. Compound exercises are important as most daily activities involve the use of more than one muscle group. For example, reaching to pick up an object requires the activation of your core, deltoids to raise your arm, triceps to extend the arm, and all the forearm flexors and extensors to coordinate the wrist and fingers to be able to grab the targeted object. Talk to your trainer about which compound exercises are a good fit for your workout program.

Armin Ghayyur is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: grilled goodness — summertime steak!

With barbeque season coming to an end, you may want to throw one more Summer party before the weather turns cold and wet. Such events can be frustrating when it comes to sticking to your diet plans. Have no fear! The Heart and Stroke Foundation offers a great recipe for your final 2014 barbecue. With only 180 calories per serving (and only 15 minutes prep time), their grilled flank steak with BBQ veggies recipe is the perfect solution. Enjoy the summer while you can!

club news

Massage Therapy: Registered Massage Therapist, Dainis Viskers, will be undergoing knee surgery later this month and will be unavailable until he has fully recovered. Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery, Dainis.

Looking for Testimonials: Do you absolutely love your training sessions, personal trainer(s) or the Body & Soul studio? Let us know! We are always looking for testimonials to add to our website.

Client Perks: With Summer coming to an end, it is back to training for some of our regular clients. Don’t forget about the following client perks: 1) referral program, 2) cardio package and 3) complimentary reassessments. Speak with our Front Desk team for more information!

Save the Date!: Do you have any specific training questions you would like to see answered in our next issue’s trainer’s corner? Send your questions to

Laura Howren

Front Desk Supervisor

Laura grew up in White Rock, where she participated in almost every sport possible. Her favourite sport and passion was rugby, in which she played for the BC Provincial Team.



trainer's corner

Q: Why should I monitor my heart rate during my workout?

A: Monitoring your heart rate (HR) during your workout is important because it is highly correlated with how much oxygen your body is utilizing. As the intensity of exercise increases, your active tissues need to use up more oxygen to be able to maintain the same work output and as a result your HR will increase to help your tissues meet their oxygen demands.

Being aware of your HR can also help you choose which energy system to workout. Heart rate max (HRM) is calculated as 220 — age. Exercising approximately at 50-70% of HRM challenges the aerobic system, 70-85% challenges the glycolytic system and exercising above 85-90% challenges the anaerobic system. To receive the health benefits from an exercise, it is appropriate to exercise at 50-70% HRM. However, if you want to improve your fitness level it’s important to exercise at 70-85% HRM and above. Keep in mind that sometimes as you exercise you may feel fatigued, but your HR can always confirm how hard you are really working.

Armin Ghayyur is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



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