Body & Soul October 2014 Newsletter

current events - trainer updates!

Many of our newsletters discuss important fitness topics, trends and events. We thought it might be nice to share Body & Soul’s Personal Trainers’ recent accomplishments, current goals and upcoming plans.

  • Juergen will be starting a new project soon — revising Body & Soul’s health assessment
  • Michelle will be leading the warm-up for the Alzheimer's Walk for Memories on January 25th
  • Laina is working towards becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist by March 2015
  • Huan and other veteran college volleyball players are returning to the court to compete again
  • Armin has another year left in the UBC Masters of Physical Therapy Program
  • Marcia will be completing the UBC Masters of Physical Therapy Program this year
  • William obtained his Master of Kinesiology from UBC in August
  • Heather is training to compete at the BCPA 2015 Winter Open in February
  • Patrick is currently training to compete in a future men’s body building competition
  • Brandon will finish INFOFIT’s Principles of Sports Nutrition course before the New Year
  • Stephen will be completing EXOS’ Linear Speed Development Systems certificate
  • Isabel has returned from her travels and has gained new training and skills

Some of you may have noticed that Personal Trainer Avery Garrett has not been in the studio lately. We are pleased to let you know that Avery’s shoulder is recovering nicely and her range of motion continues to improve everyday; however, she has not been cleared to return to work as a trainer and will not be continuing with Body & Soul. She will continue to be a valued friend and we look forward to having her drop-in in the future! All the best to you Avery.

Interested in learning more about your favourite trainers? Check out their individual profiles online!

fitness tip: don’t “skip” the basics

Skipping rope is an oft-neglected form of cardiovascular training; a surprising fact considering the affordability and portability of a decent speed rope. Skipping can be used for improving aerobic capacity and, for more trained individuals, as part of a general warm-up or even a plyometric activity at the right intensity. For beginners, start with five 1-2 minute intervals of the classic two-foot "bunny hop", with equal or greater recovery time between sets. To progress, increase interval duration, number of intervals, rope speed, or introduce new movements (try "double-unders" or "cross-overs"). Be sure to skip on a surface that provides adequate shock absorption (not concrete), rest as needed between skipping bouts and sets, and don't be afraid to make mistakes!

Stephen Paget is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: october is vegetarian awareness month

Typically, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, fish or poultry; however, the term has evolved to include sub-divisions of vegetarianism — for instance, pescetarians are vegetarians that eat fish. Reasons for becoming a vegetarian often vary from specific health concerns to a love of animals. It is important when considering such a change to ensure you maintain a well-balanced diet including an appropriate amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The Mayo Clinic does a great job of outlining the importance of ensuring vegetarians get enough calcium, iodine, iron, protein, vitamins and more for your body here.

club news

Thank you: We want to thank everyone who came to our Open House event. We hope you had fun because we certainly did. We’re convinced this was our best event yet!

More Pilates!: Last month, Body & Soul welcomed Janine Trudeau to the Wellness Wing Team. Janine is available for personalized and small group Pilates training (apparatus and mat-based), Hatha Yoga and TPI Golf Fitness training programs.

Halloween: Join us Friday October 31st as staff members celebrate Halloween! See in-studio for this year’s costume theme.

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Thanksgiving weekend (October 11-13). Studio will re-open Tuesday October 14th at 6am. We hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend!

Stephen Paget

Personal Trainer

Stephen possesses a Bachelor of Kinesiology from UBC and is a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He is also certified in levels 1 and 2 of the Functional Movement Screen. Stephen played three years of varsity field hockey for UBC, represented Canada in the Junior Pan-American Games in 2008, was competitive in track & field, soccer, and currently trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.



trainer’s corner

Q: The more I sweat, the more calories I burn, right?

A: There is a common misconception that the more you sweat during your workout, the more calories you are burning — almost as if you are liquefying your adipose tissue (fat cells) and watching it leave your body through sweating. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Sweating is a way for your body to thermoregulate. Your internal body temperature has to remain at around 37 degrees, with very minimal fluctuations. As a result, sweating allows your body to cool off when your internal body temperature gets above 37 degrees. This is why you can stay in the sauna and do absolutely no activity and sweat more than most people would who were doing an intense exercise. In this case, individuals are not “burning” calories but rather producing sweat which is mainly composed of water and salts. Read more...

Armin Ghayyur is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



Congratulations to last issue's contest winner Karen Glesby who won 5 entries into our prize draw at our Open House event.

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