Body & Soul July 2014 Newsletter

choosing the right Personal Trainer

When it comes to choosing a Personal Trainer, many people are unsure of what questions they should be asking and what qualifications they should be looking for. Should they focus on the trainer’s experience or their education? Should they stick with one trainer or work with multiple trainers? It is important to identify what you want out of your training. For instance, do you want to be pushed hard? Are you willing to sweat? There are no simple answers to these questions as they will depend on your individual goals, needs, expectations and availability.

At Body & Soul, our trainers complete personal profiles which summarize their experience, education, interests and, in some cases, include information on the different ‘type’ of clients they have strong experience working with such as seniors, athletes and clients recovering from injuries or health conditions. As you read through the profiles, consider what it is you need from your Personal Trainer.

While we understand that clients develop strong bonds with certain trainers, we encourage you to train with 2-3 trainers as this will ensure you have other options in the event that your trainer is sick or on vacation. It is also a great way to change up your workout as each of our trainers has a unique training style. For more information about our trainers, speak with our front desk or check out some of our client testimonials.

fitness tip: increase exercise difficulty to break plateau

Doing the same exercise over and over again without modifying the load, intensity, or time parameters leads to clients no longer achieving gains from that exercise. To break this plateau, increase the difficulty of the exercise by adding load, decreasing the time limit, or even varying the exercise to change the angle at which the muscles are worked. For example, if you are becoming too efficient at doing the basic push-up, modify the angle such that your toes are on an incline. This creates a greater challenge for your pectoral and core muscles because of the extra forces placed on your upper body and it also activates the upper pectoral muscles which the standard push-up does not engage as potently.

Brandon Santo is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: how can something so good be so bad?

You just completed an intense 60 minute workout with your Personal Trainer. Nothing sounds better to you right now than a delicious, icing-covered cinnamon bun from the cafe down the street — you worked your butt off so why not, right? Sadly, this is a poor post-workout snack. A good snack should provide your body with proper nourishment and help prepare your body for your next training session. Consider a combination of carbohydrates and proteins, ideally consumed within one hour of finishing your workout. So drop that deceivingly tasty pastry and pick up some yummy yogurt and fruit or veggies and hummus.

club news

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Monday August 4th for BC Day. Studio will re-open Tuesday August 5th at 6 am. We hope you have a wonderful and safe long weekend!

Summer Special: Body & Soul’s Summer Special is now available. Purchase 10 1-on-1 sessions for $650, 10 Partner sessions for $975 or four weeks of Small Group Training (one session a week) for $90. Offer ends August 9th. Conditions apply. Speak with our front desk for more information.

Congratulations are in Order: Congratulations to Body & Soul Personal Trainer William Reed on his completion of UBC's Master of Kinesiology program. Great work Will!

Avery Returns: Body & Soul Personal Trainer Avery Garrett recently underwent surgery on her shoulder. She has spent many weeks recovering and we are happy to announce that she will be returning to work next month. We can’t wait to have you back Avery!

Brandon Santo

Personal Trainer

Brandon has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Mathematics and is an ACE certified personal trainer. He is currently expanding his knowledge by taking a course in Sports Nutrition and completing the InfoFit Apprenticeship Program. Brandon was raised in an athletic community playing a variety of sports including hockey, volleyball, tennis and track.

Brandon's passion for health and fitness is palpable when he is in the gym, whether he is training his clients or working out himself. Brandon places extra emphasis on proper movement and motor control to ensure his clients, whether advanced athletes or beginners, get the most out of their workouts and avoid injuries.


trainer's corner

Q: Should I weigh myself daily?

A: While weighing yourself can be an effective way to measure and monitor your progress, you should keep in mind that the number on the scale isn’t an accurate measure of how hard you’ve worked. Your body weight fluctuates on a regular basis due to a variety of factors including what you eat and drink as well as your level of stress. Ideally, you should weigh yourself once a week keeping the following in mind: use the same scale to ensure consistent measures, weigh yourself in the morning and on an empty stomach.

If your workouts include a strong weight training program, an increase on the scale is likely due to an increase in muscle development, not body fat. We encourage you to consider additional measurement methods such as how your clothing fits, your energy levels and your sleep quality. For a comprehensive report of your progress, consider booking a reassessment with your trainer.

Laina Barber is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



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