Body & Soul December 2014 Newsletter

tips for dealing with holiday season stress

For many people, stress can be a part of the holiday season. Planning and preparing events, being filled with memories of loved ones lost, having extensive social obligations and living through the short and dark days of winter are just some things that can bring on stress and related negative emotions during the holidays.

Here are some tips to encourage positive feelings this holiday season:

  • Take a walk outside: fresh air can do wonders for people suffering from stress, sadness, anger or depression; additionally, walks during the day ensure you get more natural light — helping you feel less of the sting that comes with shorter and darker days.
  • Get a good night’s rest: sleep is often neglected (and avoided) during difficult times, which leaves the individual with little energy the following day. In most cases, a good night’s rest will come easier after completing an intense physical activity.
  • Eat healthy foods: what you eat can have a strong influence on how you feel. Most people recall feeling lethargic after greasy meals, while they generally feel more invigorated after eating high quality meals.
  • Talk yourself into exercise: not only will exercise get you physically out of bed but it will force you to take a break, mentally, from your stress — giving you something specific to focus all of your energy on.
  • Spend time with loved ones: as social creatures, we often excel in social situations or when surrounded by family and friends — feed off the positive energy of others!

Don’t let stress take over this holiday season! And most importantly, if you feel overwhelmed by your stress and/or negative emotions, speak to your doctor right away for more resources and help.

looking for a holiday gift?

Body & Soul’s holiday special is back — just in time for the holidays! Until December 23rd, purchase five personal training sessions for $350+tax ($50 off regular rate). Limit of one special per person (additional specials may be purchased for friends and family).

Give the gift of good health this holiday season! We also have gift certificates available for Registered Massage Therapy and Pilates. Speak with our front desk for more information.

fitness tip: prepare your body for a tough lift with warm up sets

When you are performing a heavy compound lift (e.g. a bench press or squat) it is important to perform a warm up set at no more than 70% of the weight you will be lifting. Warm up sets stimulate your nervous system (motor unit recruitment) which helps your body prepare for the upcoming lift. When done correctly, warm up sets should allow you to execute the lift better than if you had jumped right into it. An interesting side note: women usually require more warm up sets than men; however, their nervous systems do not tire as quickly!

Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul

nutrition tip: shop smart this holiday season

With the holidays coming up, it may be difficult to find time to properly plan meals or shop for quality groceries and ingredients. For some of us, we have weekly routines for grocery shopping, while others simply wait until they run out of food. Additionally, for many of us, our shopping lists are created based on a quick peak in the fridge to see what is missing or running low as opposed to considering alternatives to help change up our diet for the better. Shop smart this holiday season with the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s grocery list template. This template includes food and beverage categories and tips for eating right!

club news

Collecting Donations: For this year’s holiday charity, Body & Soul will be collecting items for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre! We will be collecting items until December 13th, when we will deliver them to the centre so they can be sorted for the holidays.

Holiday Closure: Body & Soul will be closed December 24th for the Holidays. The studio will re-open January 5th at 6am. We wish you a safe holiday season and a wonderful start to your New Year!

Home Program: Interested in working out during the holidays? Check out our Healthy Holidays 15-day workout program - created by Body & Soul Personal Trainer, Isabel Verse.

Comments & Feedback?: Tell us about your experience at Body & Soul. You can review us on Google, email us a testimonial or complete a comment card in the studio. Do you have positive comments or valuable feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Thank you to all who have taken the time to share their comments with us this year!

Rikka Tindle

Front Desk Supervisor

Rikka grew up in Whistler, British Columbia. At the age of 13, she moved to Vancouver in the hopes of pursuing her career in gymnastics. Her passion, and no small amount of hard work, helped her become a part of the Canadian Gymnastics Team and has inspired her to continue on and teach gymnastics. In addition to a strong fitness background, Rikka has a passion for criminology and recently received a degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University.



trainer’s corner

Q: Why does my trainer take me through a dynamic warm up at the start of my workout?

A: Warm ups are used to prepare your body for exercise. Using low impact, repetitive motions throughout the entire body helps stimulate the production synovial fluid in the joints, which is the body’s natural lubrication and shock absorber. The older we get, the more necessary it is to stimulate our bodies through movement, as the natural production of synovial fluid slows dramatically. Not doing warm ups can make you more prone to injuries at the gym, especially if you plan to perform compound and highly technical movements.


Heather Williams is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



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