Body & Soul Summer 2013 Newsletter

childhood inactivity – let us help!

Many children spend multiple hours each day watching television, surfing the Internet, using smartphones and participating in other non-physical activities. With the summer school break nearly upon us, children will also miss the physical activity provided by school gym class.

This summer keep your kids active! Plan family activities outdoors (hiking, swimming), sign them up for a summer sports team or sports camp, and consider personal training. Personal training is a fun and effective way for any child to keep active.

  • Improve sports performance. Our trainers will help your child increase strength and endurance, giving them a better chance of making the team or becoming the MVP!
  • Increase confidence. Achieving health and fitness goals, whether increasing strength or losing weight, will help give children the confidence they need to excel in all aspects of their school experience.
  • Identify personal needs. Children don't all have the same needs and few activities can be tailored to suit all children's needs. Our trainers will develop a program designed to meet their specific needs and goals.
  • Get individual guidance and motivation. Not all children (or adults!) enjoy team sports or being in a physical competitive environment with their peers. Personal training provides a one-on-one workout with only a personal motivator (their trainer) to impress.
  • Reduce their chance of becoming an overweight adult. Helping children develop healthy habits gives them a much greater chance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in their teens and into adulthood.

Let us help you give them a better future. School is almost out and is a great time to improve their confidence and help them start their next year off right!


fitness tip: making exercise a family affair

Most children today do not receive the recommended minimum 60 minutes of physical activity a day. When considering an exercise program for your child, consider age-appropriate exercises, focus on positive goals (increasing energy as opposed to losing weight), and make the activity something the child perceives as fun and enjoyable (ensuring they are more likely to stick to it). An hour a day of "family time" involving a fun activity, such as playing Frisbee or throwing a ball around, is a great way to ensure your child stays active.

Juergen Reinhardt is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul


nutrition tip: avoid empty calorie foods

Foods that are higher in calories with little (or no) nutritional value are considered empty calorie foods; rarely will such foods satisfy your hunger. In many cases, empty calorie foods contain added sugars. One way to avoid empty calorie foods is to replace 'sweetened' products with products made from natural ingredients. For example, instead of sweetened yogurt, try adding fresh fruit to plain yogurt. The Heart&Stroke Health Check™ provides more detailed information on sugars and can help you identify foods with higher nutritional values.


club news

Monthly Newsletter: Starting this July, receive Body & Soul's Fitness File monthly! Every month, receive monthly tips, news, updates and more! Contests will be offered quarterly.

New Staff Members: Body & Soul is pleased to welcome Laura Howren as our new Front Desk Supervisor and Registered Massage Therapist David Hubenig to our Wellness Team.

Studio Closure: Please note Body & Soul will be closed Monday July 1st for Canada Day. The studio will re-open Tuesday July 2nd at 6am. Have a safe and wonderful long weekend!

Father's Day: This Father's Day, give him the gift of good health. Purchase a Body & Soul gift certificate for massage therapy, personal training services or private Pilates. Speak with our front desk for more information.

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Juergen Reinhardt

Personal Trainer

Juergen is a German trained physiotherapist, manual therapist, and sports instructor specializing in sports therapy. He is also a Nordic walking instructor.

Juergen takes a technical approach to personal training, drawing from his extensive background and training in physiotherapy, sports therapy and personal training. He has a special interest in rehabilitation training following illness or injury.


trainer's corner

Q: What is overtraining syndrome?

A: Overtraining is caused by excessively challenging our mind and body with physical activity beyond its normal capabilities, without providing it with adequate rest to recover. These excessive stressors on the body can lead to both chronic and acute injuries.

Some signs that you may be overtraining are...



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