Body & Soul Spring 2013 Newsletter

spring into action

Many of us start the New Year resolving to live a healthier lifestyle by being more active, eating better, and spending more time on ourselves. Unfortunately by the time spring rolls around, some of us have given up on our goals and lost our motivation. If this is you, remember that if you have the desire, you have the motivation! Here are some great ways to follow through on your health and fitness resolutions:

  • Set time aside to train – set alarms in your phone to remind yourself that you have an appointment with your training shoes (try an early morning workout)
  • Find a fitness buddy – friends and family are a great source of motivation (so is the family dog!)
  • Commit to a deadline – give yourself a specific date to reach a specific goal (example: many people dream of completing a race; research local races and start counting down)
  • Track your progress – keep a journal and take time to appreciate your progress (celebrate achieving your smaller goals)
  • If you own a smartphone, download a health and fitness app to help keep you on track!

Get ready to push your winter gear to the back of your closet. Spring is coming and it's a great time to renew your 2013 goals!


15% off select personal training packages

Thinking about Personal Training but haven't made the commitment yet? Now is the time – save 15% on select Personal Training packages when you bring in this voucher. Packages include:

  • 10 Personal Training sessions + one complimentary health assessment
  • Small Group Personal Training 4 weeks, twice per week.

Voucher can be used for one package per person. Offer expires April 13, 2013. Applicable taxes will be added to all prices.


fitness tip: boost results with eccentric resistance training

If you have been resistance training and you are at a standstill or unsatisfied with your strength gains, try slowing down the eccentric phase of muscle contraction. The eccentric phase provides the "brakes" when lowering a weight. It is simply when the muscle is lengthening under tension rather than shortening. To train the eccentric phase of the muscle contraction: after lifting, lower the load through the entire range of motion as smoothly as possible to a count of 4-5 seconds. This method will cause the muscle to sustain greater levels of cellular damage and result in further cellular repair, which in turn means increased strength and muscle mass.

Matt Janzen is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul


nutrition tip: probiotics for good gut health

The gut is the center of good health. When good and bad bacteria are out of balance in the gut, the possibility for illness increases: an imbalance has been associated with diarrhea, urinary tract infections, muscle pain and fatigue. To keep your gut healthy, consume high quality probiotics (especially after antibiotic treatment). Many yogurts, and some other products, contain probiotics. Look at the ingredient list for Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, two probiotics which have been shown to be effective.


club news

New Staff Members: Body & Soul is pleased to welcome new Personal Trainer Hannah Kess and welcome back Personal Trainer Will Reed from his time settling into married life. We also want to welcome Front Desk Supervisors Raeesah Afeefah and Amanda Dunford, and finally Demis Cabrele who has joined our Wellness team as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Testimonials: We would like to invite you to share your Body & Soul experience. Your story may help inspire someone else to start their health and fitness journey or to work harder to reach their health and fitness goals. If you're interested in sharing your story, please speak with our front desk staff.

Coffee Bar: Catch up with friends after your training session at our new coffee bar. Share stories over a nice cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa!

Functional Movement Screen (FMS): Until March 29, receive a complimentary FMS assessment. Results from this test will provide your trainer with information about specific areas in which you can improve. This test is not for individuals with acute injuries. Talk to our front desk to see if you qualify.

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Matt Janzen

Personal Trainer

Matt recently obtained his Bachelor of Human Kinetics from UBC and is also a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer. He previously played varsity volleyball for Capilano University and was an athletic trainer with the UBC men's volleyball team. He has training experience in multiple sports including volleyball, basketball, track and field, and badminton.

Matt works with a wide range of individuals and teams with varying skills and abilities. He enjoys helping others achieve better functionality in their lives whether it be through improved athletic ability and skill or bettering quality of life by increasing physical capability.


trainer's corner

Q: What happens to the muscles I have built if I stop weight training?

A: Weight training builds muscles by increasing the amount of contractile proteins in the muscles, in a process called hypertrophy. It also increases the production of collagen for stronger connective tissue to withstand the increased muscular strength. In addition, bone density increases.

A common misconception is that muscles turn into fat when weight training is stopped. This is incorrect. Read more...



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