Body & Soul September 2013 Newsletter

18 years and counting

Did you know Body & Soul has been around since 1995? We were one of the first personal training studios on Vancouver's Westside and many of our first clients are still training with us today!

Over the years we have worked with some pretty amazing people and we honestly believe that we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for several key individuals; particularly Body & Soul's founders, Nicola Mann and Sharon Essex. Childhood friends who, with a strong passion for the health and fitness industry, decided to share their passion with the community. They believed in helping people achieve positive change and, for the last 18 years, we believe Body & Soul has upheld their vision. Despite growing competition and a rocky economy, Body & Soul continues to hold strong and remain an industry leader.

Did you know many staff that leave Body & Soul to pursue other opportunities find their way back to familiar or new positions? Additionally, several clients who decide to try something new return weeks, months, even years later. To hear people say that Body & Soul is a safe place, one they have always felt welcome, is truly gratifying.

To all who have had an impact on Body & Soul, its staff and clients, we thank you. We have been on the northeast corner of Highbury and 10th Avenue for 18 years and we are confident we will remain here for years to come.


Body & Soul's open house is back!

Join us September 21st from 11am-3pm for our 5th Open House! Event includes fitness stations, service stations, food, prizes and more!

Open House Special
Personal Training: 10 sessions (6 weeks) for $650
Small Group Personal Training: 4 weeks (once/week) for $90

Offer available September 21st only. Each client may purchase one of each summer special package (personal and small group training). Tax will be added to all prices.


fitness tip: warm up before your workout

Warm up to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Warming up will increase muscle and core temperature as well as blood flow which leads to faster muscle contraction and relaxation, increased muscle strength and power and increased rate of metabolic reactions. A good warm up should include 5-10 minutes of a low intensity activity that raises your heart rate, ventilation, blood flow, deep muscle temperature and reduces viscosity. Enhance your warm up by including dynamic stretching and progressively increasing the intensity.

Armin Ghayyur is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul


nutrition tip: start your own nutrition challenge!

Nutrition challenges are all the rage! Many people give up some of their favourite foods for a month because of a trendy challenge, but few people seem to initiate such events on their own. Why not start your own? Your challenge, your rules! Are you gleefully gluten, a chocolate craver, a sugar advocate, or a 'carb'nivour? Do you detest veggies, fruits and whole grains? Are you able to give up or reduce your favourite unhealthy choices for one month? Can you commit to eating healthy for 30 days? Nutrition challenges can be a great source of motivation, a valuable eye-opener and may even help you develop healthier habits post-challenge.


club news

Congratulations are in Order: Congratulations to Body & Soul Personal Trainer Will Reed on his acceptance into UBC's Master of Kinesiology program.

Armin's Adventure: Personal Trainer Armin Ghayyur is now available exclusively on Saturdays as he has been accepted into UBC's Masters of Physical Therapy Program. Best of luck!

Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Training: Several of our trainers have now completed training and are qualified to operate our recently purchased defibrillator. This computerized medical device can be used to check heart rhythms and administer a shock in a cardiac emergency.

New Staff Members: We'd like to welcome Jaeson Lee and Heather Williams to our Personal Training Team.

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Angela Longstaffe

Owner, Heart of Body & Soul

Angela Longstaffe was one of Body & Soul's first clients when it opened in 1995. Her doctor had referred her to the facility to assist with pain issues and, although skeptical, she agreed to try personal training. Her experience at Body & Soul surpassed all of her expectations: not only did her pain issues became manageable, she also received the support she needed to start improving her general health and fitness.

Angela soon saw that Body & Soul was a vibrant business with the potential to help many other people like herself; and she wanted to be a part of it. She became a silent partner in 1998 and three years later became involved in the daily management of the business. Read more...


trainer's corner

Q: What is 'periodization'?

A: Periodization involves planned variation in the volume and intensity of training; for instance, dividing a training program into cycles or phases. Ensuring variation in volume and intensity of training is important for optimal strength gain. Hans Selye's General Adaptations Syndrome describes three phases of adaptation, shock adaptation and staleness (also known as alarm, resistance and exhaustion). Read more...



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