Body & Soul Fall 2012 Newsletter

shiny new cardio equipment

Have you noticed all of the new cardio equipment at Body & Soul? Over the past 12 months we've replaced each and every one of our cardio machines plus added a few new pieces too. Why? We want to have the most advanced equipment for our clients. And newer equipment means fewer breakdowns and less downtime (we hate out-of-order signs too!).

  • Aug 2011: Two spin bikes were purchased to provide clients with several new cardio workout options. Spin bikes can be used as a cardio warm up or as part of a trainer led workout.
  • May 2012: Two new stationary bikes were purchased – an upright bike and a recumbent bike.
  • June 2012: A new small Precor (935) treadmill was purchased to replace an older one; this machine is used mostly for warm up and lower speed intervals.
  • Sept 2012: Two new sophisticated treadmills (Precor C932 Treadmill Experience Series) were purchased to replace the two remaining treadmills. These top of the line machines offer new functions (example: downhill run).
  • Sept 2012: A Precor EFX (532 Experience Series) was purchased to replace the existing EFX. This machine is similar to an elliptical trainer but has stationary arms. Some clients prefer the EFX for its stability over traditional elliptical machines.
  • Sept 2012: Two Octane deluxe elliptical trainers (Q47ic) were purchased to replace the existing aging Precor ellipticals. The Octane trainers are easier on the joints, better mimic the motion of walking and jogging, and as an added perk even have a built-in fan.

Have you had a chance to check out all the new equipment? Ask your trainer to give you a tour. And keep your eyes out for other new equipment coming soon to the Body & Soul studio.


client appreciation event – Oct 24 and 25

We ♥ our clients! We're celebrating with a client appreciation event this October. Come visit us on Oct 24/25 for complimentary snacks, special rates on training packages, goodie bags and awesome draw prizes including a $275 Cypress Mountain gift certificate, UBC Golf Club Green Fees for 2, and an Aveda gift basket valued at $160!

  • Personal Training – $520 for 8 sessions
  • Partner Training – $780 for 8 sessions
  • Small Group Personal Training – $150 for 4 weeks (2 sessions per week)

Training sessions will take place as usual on these days. So book your session for one of these days or just drop by to enjoy the event. Existing and returning clients welcome as are new clients referred by existing clients.


fitness tip: improve your aerobic capacity

When your body has sufficient oxygen to supply the energy your body needs during your cardio workout, you're in the aerobic (lower intensity) training zone. Typically, if you can speak comfortably, you're in the aerobic zone. If not, you're in the anaerobic training zone. Improving your aerobic capacity through cardiovascular training not only helps decrease resting heart rate, increase VO2Max, increase stroke volume, and improve your ability to perform aerobic activity for a longer duration without fatigue, it also improves your ability to recover much quicker from higher intensity (i.e. strength training) anaerobic activity.

Armin Ghayyur is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul


nutrition tip: the clean fifteen

The EWG's "Clean 15" is a list of the fifteen fruits and vegetables that are lowest in toxic pesticides – so if you're going to buy non-organic produce, these are the ones to get! The list includes: Onion, Sweet Corn, Pineapple, Avocado, Asparagus, Mango, Eggplant, Sweet peas, Cantaloupe, Kiwi, Cabbage, Watermelon, Sweet potatoes, Grapefruit and Mushrooms. Want to know which fruits and veggies to avoid? Check out the EWG "Dirty Dozen" list.


club news

New Staff Members: Body & Soul is pleased to welcome new Personal Trainer Catherine Moores and welcome back Personal Trainer Marcia Denhoed from her travels in Asia. Body & Soul is also pleased to welcome new Front Desk Supervisor Belinda So.

Social Media: Keep up with all of our latest news on social media! Check out our Facebook page for fitness tips, trends and more, and follow us on Twitter for great tips and daily motivational quotes.

Referral Program Expands: We've added Small Group Personal Training to our referral program. Refer a new client who purchases a Small Group Personal Training (SPGT) package and receive a free SGPT session! ~Available for all clients with an open personal training package~

Testimonials: Each of our clients comes to Body & Soul with unique goals and challenges – we'd love to share these stories. Your story may help inspire someone else to start their health and fitness journey or to work harder to reach their health and fitness goals. If you're interested in sharing your story, please speak with our front desk staff.

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Armin Ghayyur

Personal Trainer

Armin brings a wealth of education, training and experience to the Body & Soul personal training team. He has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Active Health and Rehab, is a BCRPA certified personal trainer and has completed the BC Sports Aid Program. Armin has over 6 years personal training experience including time spent at a rehab wellness centre where he worked with clients with acute and chronic injuries, cardiac rehabilitation and history of stroke. Read more...


trainer's corner

Q: Why should I do cardio intervals?

A: If you have a healthy heart, one of your ideally 3-5 weekly cardio sessions should be an interval training session. This will improve your cardiovascular stamina – with interval training you can withstand a more demanding workout for a longer period of time because you are giving your body active rest periods.

Our new Octane Elliptical machines have two interval training programs: select either the "custom interval" program or the "stride interval" program. Ask your trainer to help you plan the most effective intensity and rest periods.

Cardio interval training also keeps your workouts new and fresh... which keeps your body working hard and your workouts interesting and fun.

Isabel Verse is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul



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Congratulations to last issue's contest winner Jane Wakefield who won 3 private Pilates sessions.