Body & Soul Fall 2011 Newsletter

change is in the air... and in the studio

With summer winding down and Autumn just around the corner, change is in the air. Here at Body & Soul we're excited about a number of changes we've made recently and a few more that are coming soon. 2011 has been a transformational year for us with the best yet to come.

Angela Longstaffe, owner and CEO, welcomed myself, Brad Noyes to the role of General Manager on August 1. I've been fortunate enough to walk into an incredible facility and to join the best health and fitness team in the city. My background is in customer service and I have been part of some amazing teams delivering world class service experiences. Having a lifelong passion for health and fitness, I'm very excited to be joining the health and fitness industry on a professional level.

We're kicking off the fall with our biggest and best open house event yet (details below). This is a great time to come and see first hand the changes we're making. Find out about enhancements we're making to our services – yoga classes are coming back as well as a nutrition program with our Holistic Nutritionist Jenn, and new and exciting bootcamps! In addition you will see our glorious new windows and our newest equipment additions. Chocolate, wine and an amazing draw prize are also great reasons to come to the event!

It's my goal to meet each and every one of you, our guests, as soon as possible. The blinds and my door are now open so I extend an invitation to come say hello next time you're in the studio.

Brad Noyes is the General Manager of Body & Soul


open house soiree – sept 17, 2011

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 17 from 1 to 5 pm for our open house soiree. This will be a fun-filled day filled with activities for everyone: wine tasting with one of Vancouver's best Sommeliers, chocolate tasting with the Queen of Chocolate, a free bootcamp, free health assessments, guest speakers, studio tours, fitness demos, live music, a kids korner and a chance to win a getaway to the luxurious Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on the Sunshine Coast! There will also be a personal training special available only during the event: 10 personal training sessions for $595+tax. For more information and a schedule of events visit


fitness tip: gain muscle through rest

During a challenging workout, your muscles are stimulated and broken down and as a result, they need time to recover. The length of recovery time required depends on how intense your session is – at least one day of rest between workouts is recommended. During these rest days, you may be resting, but your muscles are not: your muscles are rebuilding, which is how strength and muscle gains are achieved.

Michelle Wong is a Personal Trainer at Body & Soul


nutrition tip: eat more tumeric

Turmeric is a culinary spice, most often found in Indian cuisine. This spice has been used to treat various health conditions in Eastern medicine for thousands of years due to its active ingredient curcumin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and may be used to help alleviate arthritic symptoms. To reduce achy joints and overall inflammation in the body, try incorporating more turmeric into your diet. Add fresh or ground turmeric to homemade curries, any vegetable or whole grain dish, or try making turmeric tea: bring 4 cups of water to a boil, add 1 tsp ground or fresh turmeric, simmer for 10 minutes, strain through a fine sieve and add honey and/or lemon to taste.


club news

New Windows: We have new windows! Our new, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and security enhanced windows provide better lighting, better temperatures and better views in our studio.

Bootcamps: Our new bootcamps have been a hit and will continue this fall! The next session runs Sept 19 to Oct 15. Session fee ($100) provides access to 3 bootcamps / week.

New Equipment: We now have two new state of the art magnetic spin bikes which can be used for pre‑session cardio or integrated into your training session.

Nutrition Counselling: Registered Holistic Nutritionist Jennifer Leski is now available for Nutrition Counselling.

Group Yoga: Small group Yoga classes are coming back staring Sept 19. Class schedule will be posted soon.

Yoga: Private yoga sessions with Jennifer Leski are now available. Book at the front desk.

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Brad Noyes

General Manager

Owner Angela Longstaffe and the entire Body & Soul team are pleased to welcome Brad Noyes as the new General Manager of Body & Soul.

Brad joins Body & Soul with a passion for health and fitness and a desire to exceed customer expectations. Brad has long been interested in fitness – in his teen years he was a competitive swimmer, world-class snowmobile racer, lifeguard and swim instructor and is now an avid lover of working out, running and rollerblading.

Brad brings to Body & Soul a lifetime of experience in the hospitality / tourism industry, where he created world class customer experiences.

Brad is very excited to be able to combine three of his loves – people, health and fitness, and business management, in his new role as Body & Soul General Manager. He looks forward to meeting each Body & Soul client and encourages everyone to come say hello next time they are in the studio.


trainer's corner

Q: Why is each one of my personal training sessions different?

A: The vast majority of people who train without a trainer (and even some who do) fall into routines which the body adapts to and which the mind gets bored of. Body & Soul personal trainers plan your workouts to incorporate different exercises which constantly challenge your body in different ways. Your trainer will also change the order of your exercises, the type of exercises you do and the equipment you use.