Body & Soul Summer 2011 Newsletter

summer is finally here!

In spite of a record-breaking cold and wet spring, summer is on the way! Are you prepared? Some key tips to keep in mind as you transition from winter to summer:

1) The warmer months bring out the desire to get outside and resume activities that may have lain dormant all winter. Activities like golfing, gardening and cycling use the muscular and skeletal systems in ways that may differ from what you have been doing all winter. Be sure to let your trainer know if you are starting these activities to help better prepare your body. Having a strong foundation is vital for injury prevention and optimal performance.

2) If going away on holiday, don't succumb to complete inactivity. Small breaks are needed for rest and recovery but keeping some level of activity during a holiday will ensure you don't lose the foundation you have worked so hard to build. Again, talk to your trainer before heading off on holiday to get some tips or to devise a program to keep you on track. Read more...


summer special

Maintain your fitness and prepare your body for your summer activities with our Summer Special, which includes 10 Personal Training sessions for $595 + tax. This special is available for purchase for a limited time, from June 15 to July 30, 2011. There is a limit of one special per client, but additional specials can be purchased for family and friends. Ask the front desk for more details.


fit tip: lengthen to strengthen

One of the most important components of a well-rounded fitness program is flexibility. Flexibility is important for maintaining healthy joints, injury prevention and ease of movement. Often neglected, it should be noted that stretching to increase flexibility has a direct impact on the quality of your workouts and fitness level. Read more...


nutrition tip: grow a herb garden

Gardening is an excellent way to get healthy, organic, and nearly free food. Many people assume that if they live in the city and don't have space for a full garden they can't grow their own food. Not true! Even apartment-dwellers have space for a few essential herbs in pots. Read more...


club news

Welcome New Team Member: Body & Soul welcomes personal trainer Gavin Bock to our team. Currently completing his biology degree from UBC, Gavin has lots of great training experience and looks forward to meeting all of our clients.

Move for Health: Body & Soul was pleased to take part in BCRPA's Move for Health Day in April – a province-wide initiative to get people moving. Many of our clients had a lot of fun bringing a friend or family member to their workout. And a lot of those friends and family members definitely got moving! We look forward to doing this great event again next year.

SOBC Walkathon: Body & Soul has been a proud sponsor of the Special Olympics BC Vancouver chapter for several years. Join us on June 11th as we lead the warm-up for their second annual 5 km fundraising walk at Jericho Beach.

Fundraising: Assistant Manager Yinny Chen has now returned from her one-month volunteer trip to a small village in Peru where she was teaching English to young children. She'd like to thank Body & Soul staff and clients for their generous donations which helped purchase school supplies and a storage locker for the school.

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Gael Bishop

Personal Trainer and RMT

With over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Gael is uniquely qualified to help people reach their health and fitness goals. Gael started her career as a personal trainer, later became a certified group fitness instructor and even owned her own gym before becoming a Registered Massage Therapist.

As an RMT, Gael specializes in sports massage and deep tissue treatment. Her goal is to help her clients manage their physical condition in all stages of restorative wellness and is a strong believer in remedial therapy. Read more...


trainer's corner

Q: Why do I do eight to twelve repetitions?

A: Strength training is performed to increase muscular strength, endurance or both. Muscular strength is defined as how much weight you can lift and muscular endurance is the ability to continue lifting repeatedly without fatiguing. Lower reps (less than 6) favour increases in muscular strength. Higher reps (more than 15) favour muscular endurance improvements. The range of 6 to 15 gives the best balance of muscular strength and endurance. Read more...