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Eat Local: Better for the Environment and for You: We've all heard that buying local produce is better for the environment. But did you know that it is also better nutritionally? Holistic Nutritionist Brittany Eidsness gives us another good reason to buy local.
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Holiday Special is Here: Just in time for the holidays, we're featuring a unique package special. Purchase ten personal training sessions and receive two nutrition counselling sessions. $695+tax.
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Gift Certificates: Give the gift of good health! Body & Soul gift certificates are now available for all of our services, including personal training, massage therapy and nutrition counselling.

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Fitness Tip: Improve Workout Quality with Mind-Body Exercise
by Personal Trainer Jenn Leski
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Nutrition Tip: Beat Cold Symptoms with Oil of Oregano
by Nutritionist Brittany Eidsness
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Club News: Light the Night, Movember, Halloween Photos, Terry Fox Run and More!
by Co-owner Marla Brillinger
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Trainer's Corner: Should I Stay Active over the Holidays?
by Personal Trainer Juergen Reinhardt
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Eat Local – Better for the Environment, Better For You

The next time you're at the grocery store, take a look at the stickers on your fruits and vegetables. They tell you where in the world your produce comes from. Chances are if it's not from Canada, it was picked long before it was ripe and mass transported thousands of miles to get to your grocery store. During the long journey, the fruits/veggies were most likely exposed to damage from handling and heat and gassed to induce artificial ripening.

By now most of us have learned that choosing local produce diminishes our impact on the environment. But did you know that buying local can also be beneficial to your health? As even well stored fruits and vegetables lose much of their nutrient value within a few days of picking, you can guess that the well-travelled versions do not provide as much nutrition as their local counterparts. In fact, produce that is frozen quickly after picking often retains more of its super nutritional value than that which is imported and sold as "fresh".

Unfortunately, our climate doesn't provide us with fresh blueberries all year round – it can be a challenge to eat local! You can stick to what is seasonally available – at this time of year hearty foods like artichokes, brussel sprouts, garlic, squash, potatoes, kale, cranberries, apples, and many other delightful foods grow naturally in BC and are available at the winter farmers market at Nat Bailey stadium (visit every Saturday from 10am to 2pm). Or, if completely switching your diet to what's seasonally available isn't an option, consider preservation methods like freezing, drying and canning to make your favourite seasonal foods last all year long.


Holiday Special: 10 Personal Training + 2 Nutrition Counselling Sessions for $695

Just in time for the holidays, we're featuring a unique special. Purchase ten personal training sessions and receive two nutrition counselling sessions with our Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Brittany Eidsness. Purchase price is $695 +tax. Available for purchase until December 23, 2010. Note all sessions must be used by Feb. 28, 2011 and there is a limit of one special per person (additional specials can be purchased for friends and family).


Fitness Tip: Improve Workout Quality with Mind-Body Exercise

Mind-body exercise involves engaging your mind and keeping it focused while performing physical exercise. Mind-body techniques improve body awareness, increase motivation, and enhance your overall workout and fitness. Try the following mind-body techniques to add quality to your workouts:

  • Focus on your body - concentrate on each muscular movement and how your body is feeling during the movement.
  • Synchronize movements with breathing patterns. Ensure you are taking full inhalations and exhalations while lifting weights and performing cardio.
  • Pay attention to proper form and alignment, performing each movement with precision and control.

Being mindful of your body while exercising improves whole-body health and body control and instils balance both physically and mentally.


Nutrition Tip: Beat Cold Symptoms with Oil of Oregano

Although it doesn't taste as good as the oregano used in your pizza sauce, oil of oregano can be a powerful tool in helping ward off colds. This natural herb extract works like a powerful antibiotic, has antifungal and antiviral properties, and is packed with immune-boosting active ingredients like carvacrol (a powerful antimicrobial agent). It is relatively inexpensive and good quality brands can be found at natural health pharmacies and health food stores.


Club News

Light the Night: The Body & Soul warm-up team, led by the wild and wacky Wyatt, was a crowd-pleaser at the Light the Night walk for leukemia and lymphoma. The total funds raised by the Body & Soul team (staff and clients) have yet to be tallied, but are sure to be appreciated.

Movember: During the month of November you may have noticed our trainers, both male and female, sporting a new look. Their "staches" were in support of "Movember," an international fundraiser for prostate cancer.

Terry Fox Run: Co-owner Marla Brillinger competed in her 27th Terry Fox Run only to be upstaged by her father, a cancer-survivor, who was recognized as one of the few Canadians who have participated in all 30 Terry Fox Runs.

Another Success: Dr. Aaron Case completed another successful marathon in Victoria this fall with an impressive 4th place age-group finish and a 17th place overall finish with a speedy time of 2:42:57.

Christmas Family: Keep your eye out this holiday season for our annual sponsored Christmas family. Donate food, toys, necessities or even cash to a local family in need. Food bank donations are also being accepted.

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Profile: Jenn Leski

Jenn Leski

Jenn Leski
Personal Trainer

Jenn came to Body & Soul this Spring with broad experience in the health and fitness field. She has training / experience in human kinetics, personal training, yoga, rehab and nutrition. Her qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics from UBC and a Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist certification.

Jenn believes in a holistic approach to personal training and the importance of integrating mind-body fitness with traditional exercise for overall well-being. For this reason she often incorporates breathing techniques and yoga postures into her sessions. She enjoys helping clients achieve balance, stability and strength, both physically and mentally.

In addition to working as a personal trainer, Jenn is also studying natural nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. When not at work or school, she enjoys yoga, cooking, traveling, volleyball, and being out in nature.


Trainer's Corner

Should I Stay Active over the Holidays?

Short-term breaks from your exercise routine can actually be good for you. Your body and mind get the chance to recuperate from your work-out routine. But if the break from training at Body & Soul gets to be too long and you want to exercise – go for cross-training. Choose a nice brisk walk, a swim at a local pool, or a cross-country ski at one of Vancouver's beautiful mountains. Your body and mind will appreciate the change of pace and you will come back to your work-out routine at Body & Soul with renewed energy and drive.
- Juergen Reinhardt, Certified Personal Trainer

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